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About perfumer & EPC founder: Emmanuelle Moeglin

Emmanuelle Moeglin, founder of Experimental Perfume Club is a classically trained nose with over 12 years’ experience working in the fragrance industry.

“I began my journey at one of the world’s leading perfumery schools – the prestigious ISIPCA in Versailles – where I learnt the science and secrets of fragrance creation. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world, collaborating with some of the most esteemed perfumers in the world, working as a Scent Design Manager for global fragrance brands such as L’Oreal and Puig in Paris, Barcelona and New York. More recently I was an international fragrance and cosmetics industry trend forecaster in London, advising brands about anything scented.

As the creative director and in-house perfumer at Experimental Perfume Club, I have a desire to bring the wonders of fragrance to the world. Exciting, exacting, exploratory. Just how scent should be.”

Emmanuelle teaches perfumery during the EPC workshops, design fragrances for businesses and EPC’s own brand, Layers.

She is a member of the SFP (French Society of Perfumers), BSP (British Society of Perfumers),  and IFRA UK (International Fragrance Association).

About the Lab

The EPC Lab is a working perfume creative studio located in East London. You create fragrances and we provide the perfect environment for you to experiment with scents.

The EPC Lab hosts a number of monthly perfume-making workshops and one-to-one private consultations, as well as open-access perfumery sessions.


We are open to the public:

Our Story






Use your instincts and push your boundaries. The aim is in the name – so tinker, play and concoct your future fragrance today.

Fragrance is an art form with logic at its heart, ensuring it’s possible for everyone to get a basic knowledge and learn at their own pace.

Open-session workshops bring the world of fragrance to the people, letting those who have loved it from afar get hands-on just as they would in other art forms. It’s a community of creators.

Meet the team

Naomi St. John
Operations Manager & Content Creator

Some say she’s a superhero, others say she’s just dedicated to the job. Naomi joined the team in 2017 and keeps all things ticking over at the EPC lab.

With her new venture into the creative world it’s been full steam ahead helping EPC grow, from managing social media to answering messages from our lovely community of curious noses.

‘Working with Em is an eye opening experience into the world of perfumery! Every day is busy and no day is the same! It’s a wonderful brand to be apart of and I can’t wait to see what we get up to next! Oh and the lab smells amazing

For any queries related to the lab, email : naomi@experimentalperfumeclub.com

Rachel Vasdekys
PR & Retail Manager

Rachel has over a decades experience specialising in beauty and lifestyle PR, having headed up the beauty divisions at 2 of the leading UK beauty communications most recently.

Starting up her own consultancy, her mission is now to work with like-minded brands and people, to create stand out campaigns for new-to-market, independent brands in a competitive landscape, who have limited resources and where creativity is key.
‘EPC embodies the exact reasons why I wanted to start up my own consultancy! Working with Emmanuelle to push the categories and working fluidly to push boundaries makes every day working on the brand both exciting and rewarding!’

For any press or retail queries please contact : rachel@experimentalperfumeclub.com

Poppy Stedman
Designer at Popp Studio

Poppy is the visionary designer and creative mind behind the visual brand identity of Experimental Perfume Club (EPC) and all associated packaging and design for EPC Layers.

Poppy created award-winning work at renowned international brand agencies for 15 years, before launching her own venture – Popp Studio – a strategic design agency that creates and develops vivid and engaging brands for ambitious clients.

The EPC logo was inspired by the three fragrance layers used in the scent-creation process, represented as three triangles, which spell the brand acronym, EPC.

Get in touch with our amazing designer: poppy@popp-studio.com