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What’s so super about Iso E Super?

We often like to write about our favourite ingredients and give more insight into what makes them so special.

Today it’s Iso E Super

Woody, leathery, spicy, ambery, powdery…

The smell of Iso E Super is very often loved by people because of its comforting softness.

Iso E Super is a bit like entering a sauna, it smells amazing but it feels like your sense of smell is muted.


It’s an ingredient we love to explore with beginners in perfumery because it would be rather imperceptible to most, with a smell that people can’t really associate with something from their every day life. Yet, an odour that most people love and often come with an “mmmmh!” when smelling a scentstrip of the “magical” molecule!


Perfumers love it too because it will give smoothness and help to soften a fragrance thanks to its nuances of incense, cedarwood, fresh pine wood, powdery iris and musk.

It works extremely well when blended with other ingredients such as woods, spices and oriental notes, giving a velvety effect to a fragrance. You can experiment at home with Iso-E-Super and other ingredients with our Ingredients Set 1


Making synthetic cool

A common component of modern perfumery (used in fine fragrance to laundry detergent), a lot of you will have heard of it through the company ‘Excentric Molecule’ who has made the molecule famous with its fragrance ‘Molecule 1’.

Iso E Super is a ‘super’ ingredient that is very versatile and gives a warm, luxury touch to any composition.


But this is also why we love Iso E:

It is probably the molecule (aka synthetic component) that is the most well-known to the general public, helping to un-stigmatise those synthetic molecules that people too often (sadly!) relate as being “bad”.


Smell Iso E Super alongside other amazing iconic molecules of perfumery during our workshops and Open Lab.


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  • Anuj Kabra / Reply

    With regards to ISO E Super, i would request a specification sheet and a ingredient composition to understand if your product is BHT free.

    Also, is there any Tocopherol variant in this product?

    • Emmanuelle Moeglin / Reply

      Hello, thank you for your message. We are not ingredient’s suppliers but perfumers. This little blog is educational 🙂 We get a supply of Iso E Super from leading ingredient supplier and I’ve never seen this ingredient with preservative directly in its formulation. Thanks.

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