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A beginner’s Guide To Fragrance Layering

I own between 20 to 30 fragrances. While that may seem like a lot for one person, what I love doing is “layering” on my skin two or three of my favourite ones that have simple fragrance structures. My favourite fragrance is the Orange Blossom Oil (Azahar) by Moroccan perfumer Madini. It is a simple orange blossom composition in an oil format. I layer it on my skin with Narciso Rodriguez Musk Oil, a linear musky floral scent (limited edition).

Sometimes, I also throw into the mix a fragrance that a perfumer friend of mine made for me, a scent called “Ambremma”. It’s a reconstitution of the mythic perfume base Ambre 83 – the archetype of ambery fragrances, which contains vanilla, powdery, woody, spicy and balsamic notes. So, if you do the math, I end up with something like a floral (Orange Blossom) ambery (Ambremma) musky (Musk Oil) fragrance. See how logical perfumery is!

Layering is a simple way to mix different scents together. It’s a great entry into creating your own bespoke fragrance – it also lets you play with all the fragrances that you already own! And you don’t need any blending materials because you can just layer scents directly on your skin.

The secret to layering

A word of warning: while the idea may work for simple fragrances, this may not work with a lot of other fragrances, especially not with elaborated ones that we find on the mainstream market. A lot of the fragrances that are launched nowadays contain hundreds of different perfume components. So imagine mixing two or three of these fragrances together – you might end up with an overwhelming, wonky result!

The best fragrances to layer are ones that have simple construction, with short formulae. Some fragrance brands even base their concept on layering! This is the case of Jo Malone, Commodity, The Blend by Fred Segal (USA) and My Philosophy by Philosophy (USA).

It also helps to know how a fragrance is built to understand what type of scent could pair with another.

At the masterclasses we run at Experimental Perfume Club, you will learn about the art and logic of creating a fragrance, understating what type of notes blends well together and how to obtain a well-balanced composition. You can experience mixing different perfumery components together and make your own bespoke scent, benefiting from an expert guidance all along the way. So I hope to see you at one of the workshop, it is a lot of fun and enlightening…

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