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We rarely describe scents as easily and accurately as we describe the things that our eyes can see. However, except from the people who suffer from anosmia (disability to smell), we all know how to use our nose in an intuitive way, we are just poorly aware of our capabilities to do so, or worse, we are rarely taught the words of the smells. The good news is, we aren’t blind to smells, we just need the right tools to unlock the vocabulary of odours.

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, many people see perfume as the perfect romantic present. But with so many fragrances available, how can you be sure your gift will be met with a smile?

Choosing a fragrance for someone else is a tricky task! A perfume is very personal and navigating through the millions of fragrances available makes it a real challenge. And there is always the chance you will get it wrong... But don’t panic! If you are prepared you might find the daunting experience of getting a perfume for someone else more enjoyable.

Here are my five top tips to get it right:

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