Fundamentals Perfume Ingredients Course

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Hello and welcome to the Fundamentals Perfume Ingredients Course

During this two week course, you’ll have access to a series of videos and a workbook that will help you awaken your sense of smell and develop an in-depth understanding of the most commonly used ingredients in perfumery. You’ll start by learning proper smelling techniques and how to accurately describe and categorize perfumery ingredients by family, volatility and type. You’ll then learn to compare and contrast these ingredients to deepen your understanding of the scented world around you.

You will receive all of the materials you need to follow this course including a selection of the most commonly used perfumery ingredients and laboratory materials including scent strips, pipettes and bottles.

Perfumery requires a long training and dedication and you will need time to understand the foundations. Do not rush your learning and remember that knowing your ingredients is the foundation of any good practice! Be aware of the scents that surround you and get into the habit of describing what you are smelling.

Don’t forget to have fun! Perfumery is one of the most wonderful crafts you can learn, it is fun, creative and will challenge your brain. We hope this course will help you to unlock your scented journey!