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Trend: Customisation In Fragrance and Beauty


be·spoke // made·to·measure // perso·nalisation

To make or alter to individual or personal specifications


The buzz word ‘customisation’ has been around for a while now. From adding your own pizza toppings to having your name on a coffee cup (*ahem* no names mentioned), these small moments of personalisation have been slowly introduced to the point where there is now an expected level of customisation in our day-to-day lives.

Customisation exists in almost every industry, especially across beauty and fashion. Just last year heavy weights such as British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Refinery29 listed ‘bespoke’ as their number one beauty trend of 2018. It’s easy to see why it’s become so popular, when for example 94% of women use the wrong shade of foundation and until recently only certain skin tones were catered for.


We’ve all heard the classic dating line “It’s not you, it’s me” and in the case of customisation it’s really true!

Now more than ever customers are wanting products geared towards them, the individual, me. The demand for more transparency from brands has never before been so high. We want to know what goes into our beauty products, and thanks to the digital era it’s made finding this information a lot easier: are they vegan, cruelty free, plastic free, no sulphates or parabens. The almost unrestricted access also allows us to educate ourselves and by doing so we become more conscious consumers.

Where possible we want to go one step further and have a hand in what’s created for us. By taking part in a workshop you can create your own bespoke fragrance and decide what ingredients go into your bottle, or complete a questionnaire of your perfume likes and dislikes for a suggested fragrance. We want customisation.

We believe customization is the new form of luxury, which is really a return to the old form of luxury in the idea of having something made just for you

– MatchCo

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Because our lifestyle is constantly scanned and analysed by big digital giants such as Google and Facebook, we receive ‘sponsored posts’ and suggested content of products we might like across our social channels . These clever algorithms customise our feeds with more things we might like and in turn might buy, all for our benefit (supposedly!). For example if you spend a lot of time searching #fragrance #beauty #bespoke on Instagram, you’ll see more of this content to make your experience more customised, enjoyable and relevant.

There is an increasing expectation from consumers that they will be able to buy a product that suits their taste… If I can get a Subway sandwich made to exactly my specification, why can’t I get a get a shampoo that works with my curly hair and oily scalp, and has a scent that I want?” 

Simon Driscoll, founder of UXB Skincare


In todays world of beauty and fashion there are many ways that our experiences and products are being customised for us:


Real customistation is for those moments when you want a human touch. Enjoy a face to face experience with an expert in the field such as a perfumer to create a perfume tailored specifically to you. Do you want a touch more Bergamot to make the scent slightly more uplifting? Or do you want a combination of vetiver and musks to make the fragrance last even longer? You decide.

These types of experiences and products offer the most bespoke and in-depth level of customisation. They really get to know you on a personal level, so that what you walk away with is made only for you.


A buzz word for 2019 is algorithm. These mathematical formulas are a great way to aid customisation via questionnaires. Answer a short series of questions either online or in person about what smells you like and you’ll be suggested pre-made fragrances or bespoke fragrance blends based on your answers. It’s quick, easy and accessible.


A lot of brands now offer personalisation either for of your packaging, on labels or an engraving service for your bespoke fragrance so you can have your name on a bottle. It really does make you feel special.

Amber Iris Experimental Perfume Club Layers Fragrance Harvey Nichols


We’re all unique and dress differently, so why not smell differently. Even with the huge number of fragrance brands our their giving us so much choice, the mass production of perfumery has meant that the chances of you smelling like someone else is actually quite high! Customising fragrances and creating your own bespoke scent is becoming more popular and we’re noticing an every increasing excitement around this new concept!


Algorithm perfumery. Answer four questions online and the algorithm will select a fragrance that suits you from their collection, all based on your answers. Clever huh.


A collection of fragrances that can be designed to be worn alone or blended together with thousands of combinations to create your own bespoke fragrance the possibilities are endless.

Ex Nihlo

Using an ‘Osmologue’ machine you start with eight fragrances and add your own twist to customise the fragrance.


Bare Minerals

It can be quite frustrating finding the right foundation, some times it just doesn’t seem 100% right. Thanks to some snazzy technology, you can now use your smart phones to scan your skin using the Made-2-Fit app. Foundations that match your skin tone will then be prepared in their lab just for you to suit your complexion. You’ll also get a bottle engraved with your name on it!

Trinny London

Another algorithym pick here. Head online to answer a series of questions and their ‘Match2Me’ platform will match you with makeup for your skin, hair, and eyes all based on your answers. You can then build your own stack of make up products for a complete set.


Head in-store to the Colour iD lab and you’ll be able to personalise a lipstick colour from 10 base colours or by choosing a pre-designed colour, with the colour maestro.


With new laws around data protection  (because we don’t want everyone gathering information on us without our consent), it can be challenging for a lot of technologies to gather enough data to work efficiently enough. To get the best bespoke services such as one-to-one consultations you’re looking at the highest price tag, which means it’s sadly not available to everyone.


The future of customisation across the fragrance and beauty industry is exciting!

Soon websites will be able to read your facial expressions to enhance your online experience. It will link in with past shopping behaviour and what you’ve searched to suggest new perfumes you might like!

We mentioned the limitations of gathering data, but that hasn’t stopped some brands who plan on offering up data in exchange for live in-store offers tailored to you and your past shopping habits. Who wouldn’t want a personalised 10% off for the the newest fragrance by Experimental Perfume Club after checking it out online 😉

The gap between online and physical stores will also start to streamline for the fashion industry. You’ll be able to just look at something online and have the item in your size waiting for you to try on in store.And it doesn’t stop there. Using AI, clothing displays will change depending who’s in front of it. It will detect your gender, age, style and combine it with current trends to tailor recommendations.

The future is bright, the future is bespoke.

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