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By Andra, in London, August 2017

What was the inspiration behind the fragrance you created? 

I describe “Fantasies” as a delicate, fresh and floral perfume, still long lasting, warm and comfortable to wear any time of the day. It is a very feminine perfume. The main notes are rose and parma violet.

What was your first ever fragrance and what does it reminds you of?

I can say that I’ve always been passionate and curious when comes about perfumes. I remember my first perfume Very irresistible from Givenchy which I still like and wear it, it reminds me of my teenage times and first love.
The way I perceive myself when I’m wearing a perfume is that I add glamour to my look so it makes me feel more feminine and sophisticated.

What is your favourite smell from everyday life?

I love gardens and flowers, these are my favorites smells.

Growing up in a small city in Romania, it didn’t offer me a big view of the world of fragrances but when I started travelling I’ve got more and more curious about how a fragrance is built.
Back home, with my family, we started a farm where we grow damascena roses and sell our production of syrup and tea. This is where I’m getting experience with the market and how distrubution works.

Andra lives in London and grew up in Romania. She owns a rose farm with her family in Romania. 

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