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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Experimental Perfume Club

At EPC, we’re passionate about perfume and we love sharing this passion with people. It’s perfect for those who want to delve into the world of fragrance or want to hone and understand their sense of smell. Creating your fragrance is the end result of a session based on olfactory discoveries and learning the basic technics of perfume formulation.

While the workshops are informal and fun, we are very serious about perfumery. Each workshop is a masterclass in understanding how to “speak” fragrance and learning the fundamentals of how to make perfume.

Who is Experimental Perfume Club for?

Anyone with a nose! You don’t need to have a passion for scent, but you certainly have to be curious about it!

The workshop is primarily designed for adults but children from 14 to 18 years old can join if accompanied with a caregiver (who needs to also pay to participate in the workshop).

What do the workshops involve?

Each workshops last between 3 – 4 hours and time flies by! Or the full day for the Expert Masterclass

We run up workshops a few times a month on Saturdays plus on some evenings.

The groups are 14 people max so we can offer one-on-one guidance and a bespoke and personal experience.

Bespoke, Le Petit Parfum and Corporate workshops are organised privately and can be run during weekdays, evenings and weekends.

Do the workshops cater to men and women?

Yes! Men and women of all noses are welcome!

The workshops we run are for both men and women. Whether you want a perfume or an aftershave, we deal in scent so perfume is completely gender neutral. The workshop is a blend of science, creativity and technical expertise.

How much do the workshops cost?

Prices vary according to the workshop. Find out the price for your workshop.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes, you can purchase vouchers here. They are perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or to treat a friend or yourself for a day out. You can add a gift box to make your voucher look and feel even more special!

Where are the workshops held?

Workshops are held in and occasionally outside London. The EPC Lab host a number of our workshops and open-lab sessions and we hand pick different and distinctive locations to help create a fun, spacious and creative atmosphere.

We occasionally run workshops outside London.

When is the next workshop?

We often add new dates so please come back and check our website regularly. Alternatively you can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to be the first informed about our future events.

How am I sure I’ll create a fragrance I like?

While the aim is to experiment with scents and ingredients, we have designed some creative and technical guidelines that help you to achieve a perfume that is balanced, harmonious and creative.

With one-on-one guidance to realise your fragrant vision, your perfume will be entirely yours.

Who runs the workshops?

Emmanuelle Moeglin is the founder and creative director of Experimental Perfume Club. She has 12 years experience within the industry and is the head perfumer at EPC. As a graduate of ISIPCA, one of the world’s leading perfumery schools in Paris, Emmanuelle has worked as Olfactive Creative Manager for L’Oreal and Symrise in New York, Barcelona and Paris. More recently, she has worked as a fragrance trend forecaster for major industry players and organisations. Emmanuelle is part of a niche, highly qualified network of fragrance experts and is an official member of the French Society of Perfumers, the British Society of Perfumers and the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

How are the workshops structured?

Emmanuelle has designed these courses in collaboration with senior perfumers and passionate-about-perfume consumers. The content in each masterclass is based on industry knowledge and industry classification of scents and fragrances. We use real perfumery ingredients sourced from leading ingredient manufacturers and use vocabulary directly from the professional world of fragrance.

Any content and methodology at EPC is original and protected by copyright.

What ingredients are used during the workshops?

Real perfume ingredients are used in our workshops. We use a selection of natural, synthetic and bases (short formulae blends made by perfumers to recreate the smell of an individual ingredient or an olfactory impression). The selection of ingredients includes the basic of the perfumer’s organ and covering all olfactory registers, so that we can cater for all tastes (from fresh citrus to deep oriental). We source our ingredients from leading and reputable fragrance manufacturers ensuring a trade grade quality.

We aim to provide a safe and controlled environment to participants when manipulating perfumery ingredients. We provide goggles, gloves and lab coats to anyone who wants to wear them. Before participating to a workshop, we ask participants to read and agree to our heath and safety & terms and conditions.

Why do we formulate to 10 mls?

We follow the same way perfumers formulate, following a logic into the formula. Your formula is easy to work out – 100% = 10grs = more or less 15ml.

Can I get refills of my perfume?

Your new fragrance is yours and entirely unique, so we want to give you the opportunity to wear it again and again. We keep your formula so that you can get in touch in the future to enjoy more bottles (50ml) of your new favourite scent!

Can I create a fragrance for commercial use?

Sadly no… if you are a brand or agency looking to develop a scent for an event or installation, you can discuss your project with our perfumer to ascertain if there is scope for us to be involved. This is considered as a product development and a process that can last 3-6 months. All our formulae created are bespoke, exclusive to your brand and comply to cosmetics legislations and IFRA standards.

Can I adapt my fragrance in other scented products such as candles and creams?

During our workshops, we formulate in perfume alcohol. However, at EPC, you’ll learn about how fragrances are structured and the basic of fragrance formulation, so it is possible to adapt most of these techniques into other carriers such as wax and emulsion for instance, but it is not so straightforward…

Can I do the Expert Workshop instead of the Apprentice Workshop?

We have 2 levels of masterclass, Apprentice and Expert. You will have to join the Apprentice before moving to our Expert workshop. These are consecutive experiences because the first masterclass informs the other. You can sign up for each workshop separately or buy a package for the two including a 5% discount.

What are Open-Lab Sessions?

Different from our expert-led and structured Workshops, the open-lab sessions puts you in charge and let you independently experiment and explore scents at your own pace. We provide a creative environment, perfumery materials and ingredients to give you everything you need to experiment with scents. Free from supervision, you will have the opportunity to encounter other creative souls, sharing your scented ideas and creations.

Are there any extra costs?

There aren’t hidden or extra costs. All ingredients and 12ml bottles are included in the cost of the workshop, as indicated in the description of each workshop.

Why is EPC a “Club”?

EPC is not technically speaking a “club” but we just love what this word conveys. EPC is based on a participative and a community of creators. We take pride of what you create and what we curate. We are a micro-perfumery that create micro-batches of unique fragrances, yours and ours too!

EPC is always evolving, so join us and keep out for more levels and types of masterclass. There’s always more exciting things to learn in the world of fragrance.

Does EPC run individual sessions?

Yes! We cater for individual groups and individuals in our Bespoke and Corporate workshops. These perfume masterclasses are perfect for couples, hen’s DOs, newly weds, corporate creative team building, private parties, members clubs etc. We can help you to create a fragrance for your wedding or designed an olfactory signature for your company.

Contact us to find out which workshop is perfect for you.

Will I be an officially qualified perfumer or perfume expert once completing a workshop?

We are not a perfumer school and we don’t deliver certificates. While you will get a lot out of each workshops in just a few hours, it is important to know this is for people who want to learn about perfume while being experimental, and we are not a fragrance academy or institution. We provide expert fragrance experiences and workshops that are based on perfumery sciences and facts but also use your individual intuition and creativity. We want to keep the experience informal and fun while being very serious about perfumery!

To become a Perfumer is a work of mastery that requires years, sometimes a lifetime to master. While we can scratch the surface of perfume formulation and really open your nose to a whole new scented world in a few hours session, it will only give you the introductory tools into the big world of perfumery. We want to make sure it will help you nurture your passion and hone your nose.

We hope we’ve answered your questions, if not, feel free to get in touch!