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Four top tips to pick the perfect perfume for Mother’s Day

With mother’s day around the corner, you might be scratching your head when it comes to choosing the best gift for your mum. A new perfume would be ideal, but how can you make sure she’ll like the new scent you chose her? Emmanuelle Moeglin, fragrance expert and founder of Experimental Perfume Club, reveals four wonderful ways to match your mum with the perfect perfume.

Perhaps your mum is loyal to her perfume and hasn’t changed in the last 20 years. When you smell Chanel 5, Obsession or Shalimar on someone passing by, it feels like you have just seen her. She has one signature scent and it is going to be a challenge to make her wear something else. But go on, give it a try… You can look for similar fragrances to the one she wears by searching on finding tools of fragrance encyclopaedia such as the advanced research tool of Osmoz or The Perfume Shop Fragrance Finder. They will recommend similar scents based on the one she usually wears. Otherwise, search for the exact opposite type of scent. Worst case scenario, you will have opened her nose to alternatives and she might wear it when she feels like a change, or for different occasions (on a night out or on holiday for example), because everyone likes a bit of change from time to time and you might find your mum a new favourite! If still in doubt, get her a collection of sample size fragrances such as the Hermes Gift Set so that you don’t have to commit to the full size version and will have four times the possibility of getting it right.

Hermes Gift Set Source: Hermes

Maybe you share and share alike with your mum, who always compliments you on your fragrances, borrows your clothes, listens to the same music as you and enjoys reading your Vogue. She will therefore no doubt love the scent that you have carefully and personally chosen for her (erm, I mean for yourself… but don’t tell her that).

Your mum might already have an extensive collection of fragrances and you wonder how a new one could make her excited. Good news, this means she loves perfumes and has probably a varied repertoire of scents, from fresh to bolder fragrances. So how can you innovate? Give her a new scent without adding another one to her collection. For instance, get her an unusual format such as a perfume for her house like the Amber Ball by L’Artisan Parfumeur, a scent that she can carry in her handbag such as Diptyque’s  Solid Perfumes, or a hair perfume that she can spray after her morning brushing like Byredo’s Hair Perfumes.

Amber Ball by L’Artisan Parfumeur Source: L’Artisan Parfumeur

Or maybe your mum doesn’t wear perfume. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t like fragrances; she may have simply never found her scent or taken the time to understand what she likes. As Marilyn Monroe once said “There are no women who do not like perfume, there are women who haven’t found their scent.” So help her to find the right fragrance! How?

In every scenario, we have the perfect answer: invite her to join one of the Experimental Perfume Club Masterclasses for the opportunity to understand what type of fragrances she is drawn to (and why) and make her own perfume from scratch based on what she has learnt. Treat her to the perfect Mother’s day present with a voucher redeemable against one of the monthly perfume-making workshops run in central London or tag along and make it the perfect afternoon for a mother/daughter or mother/son day out with the Experimental Perfume Club For Two voucher (10% off the usual individual price). Simply click here.

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