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London Tears By Lynette

By Lynette, in Dalston, London, December 2016

What was the inspiration behind the fragrance you created? 

I wanted to create something that could embody juxtapositions, complexities and contradictions with depth and emotion as well as have both masculine and feminine aspects.

What was your first ever fragrance and what does it reminds you of?

This will definitely give away my age but I was 13 when Love’s Baby Soft was released and we were all obsessed with it.  I’m so thankful my taste has evolved and changed since then!!  I haven’t smelled it in many years but I’m sure if I did it would remind me of the 70’s and Led Zeppelin, Queen and The Eagles!

What is your favourite smell from everyday life?

This is a tough one because my everyday life includes smelling lots of candle fragrances (lucky me)  But aside from that it would probably be a toss up between the smell of coffee when waking up at the cabin in the mountains or the orange trees blossoming in the desert at night.

Lynette lives in California and works in the candle industry where she consults for brands and explores her passion for fragrances.

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