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By Holly, in Bethnal Green, London, Aug 2016

What was the inspiration behind the fragrance you created? 

I wanted to create an uplifting fragrance that evoked the spirit of Mykonos. Something bright and sexy, that had the sense of the sparkling water, warm golden skin and suntan oil from a day on the beach and the heady fragrance of flowers hanging over the white-washed alleyways at dusk.

What was your first ever fragrance and what does it reminds you of?

Colors of Benetton in the late 80s. It reminds me of laughing hysterically with my friends on school coach trips!

What is your favourite smell from everyday life?

My favourite smell is tomato leaves. It reminds me of helping my Grandad in his greenhouse when I was a little girl.

Holly works in a creative agency in London and is passionate about fragrances. 

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