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Bespoke Workshop

An unforgivable one-to-one experience with our in-house perfumer.

This workshop is available by appointment and is a unique opportunity to create your custom-made fragrance receiving expert guidance along the way. This is a creative, hands-on and expert-led session that allows full access to our ingredient library to achieve your ultimate bespoke creation – over 150 ingredients spanning across all olfactory territories.

£400 for one / £200 for additional participants.

Price includes the 3hr private consultation & experience at our lab and the first 50ml bottle. Full description below.




Duration: 3 hours

Price: £400 for one person / £200 for additional participants (includes a 50ml bottle sent after the experience – allow 2 weeks).

When: Check availability with us before booking your session – please note that appointments for the Bespoke Workshop are available depending on our perfumer’s schedule. Because of the 3 hour length of this session, we only take appointments for Bespoke Workshops during daytime from 10am until 4.30pm (for a session finishing at 7.30pm).

Where: At the EPC Lab

Note that the fragrances created during a workshop are for personal use only and not for commercial purposes. If you’d like to learn more about our bespoke fragrance development service for brands and businesses visit the Business page.

Scent Design for Brands

Our private perfume workshops provide a one-to-one experience ideal for individuals, couples or small groups of friends to get together and create a custom-made fragrance. The three-hour Bespoke workshop is a unique, expert-led and creative experience, run by EPC founder and perfumer Emmanuelle Moeglin.

About the workshop:

You’ll create and perfect your own fragrance with one-to-one expert consultation along the way. We’ll explore in details a selection of 40 perfumery ingredients and you will be free to browse over a hundred more available at the lab to achieve your perfect blend.

Along the way, you’ll find your ‘nose’ and leave with a stronger understanding of fragrance composition, what you like and you dislike and an enriched descriptive vocabulary for your sense of smell.

Take home:

On the day, take home your 12ml lab bottle and your perfume’s formula for future orders. Individuals and couples (for groups of one or two persons only) will receive a beautifully presented 50ml bottle, delivered a couple of weeks after completing the workshop.

How to book:

Bookings on request for individuals and groups.

Any questions? Get in touch or read our FAQs.

Please note that the workshops involve the use of perfumery ingredients, those with allergies and sensitivities are advised to take this into consideration. Read our health and safety points before signing up.

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What you take home

Each participant will leave on the day with their own 12ml lab bottle of the fragrance they have created and named and its formula with a workbook filled with information discussed during the class.

For groups of up to two participants, a complimentary 50ml bottle will be sent by post within two weeks after the session.

All formula can be individually re-ordered for £65 for a 50ml Eau de Toilette.

Reviews and quotes

“SO MUCH FUN. I have been in the fragrance industry for over 20 years in the candle business, yet I have never actually created a fragrance. I thought that was only for the Perfumers who know all of the mysterious secrets of the art. Emmanuelle is so knowledgeable and such a wonderful teacher. We had a private group of 5 and I basically dragged everyone else to the workshop. To their surprise they all loved the experience and couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards.”

– Lynette, Creator of London Tears