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London Craft Week Workshop

Go behind the scenes of a perfume lab at the Experimental Perfume Club

Head perfumer Emmanuelle Moeglin will take you on an olfactory journey with an all access pass into a perfume lab. You’ll uncover the secrets of perfumery, get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions of perfume creation, exploring natural ‘vs’ synthetic ingredients ans learn some of the key processes of perfume creation before creating your very own bespoke fragrance during an ‘Open Lab’ style session.

When creating your fragrance you’ll have full access to our library of over 200 ingredients, with our perfumer offering guidance as you explore the olfactory families at your own pace and bring art and science together in a bottle. Take home new knowledge, your bespoke blend and a travel atomiser.

Time & date: Thursday 9th May @ 6pm – 8pm

Address: Experimental Perfume Club, 4 Netil Lane, London, E8 3RL


From: £65.00


Duration: 2 hours

Price: £65 per person

When: Thursday 9th May

Where: At the EPC lab

Limited-Edition Workshops are different to our normal running workshops.

About the workshop:

Each workshop is structured around a methodology that uses perfumery expertise, industry-based techniques, logic and fosters your intuition to lead you to create a fragrance that is unique and bespoke to you.

Take home:

A 15ml lab bottle of your bespoke fragrance

An 8ml atomiser

Please note that the fragrances created during a workshop are for personal use only and not for commercial purpose.

Any questions? Get in touch or read our FAQs.


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