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Here’s what people have said about their EPC experience

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Jo and I had such a wonderful time with you.  We both found the experience so fascinating and also very moving. Thank you so much!



– Katie Fforde, Romance Novalist

No joke. Walked into office: ‘What are you wearing? It’s so you’. Twice. Nailed it. Thank you.




– Katy, Harpers Bazaar

Thank you as without your support at each round I’m sure we would still be stuck with conventional synthetic developments


– Catherine, Fitch Design

You’ve certainly created something very special at Netil Lane…I really appreciated how much care and thought and passion has gone into it all.


– Matthew, Apprentice Workshop

We had such fun and really learned a lot. We were buzzing for the rest of the weekend talking about it.


– Russel, art director

My new perfume is divine! It’s wrapping me up in it’s smell, like a great big hug!



– Jo Thomas, Romance Novalist

Emmanuelle is not only extremely knowledgeable, but a great teacher. She really broke down the barriers to what can be an obscure art.

– Cath, perfume lover

Great open lab sessions, lots to learn, smell and mix!


— Art, scent explorer

EPC gave me a gift that I will have for the rest of my life. It opened the door to fragrance in a way I had never known before.


– Lynette, founder Illume Candles

Making the perfume for me was the most interesting part… it was fun to feel like a perfumer for a little while!



– Emily, beauty industry

We’ve been to see the impressive Emmanuelle Moeglin…where her expertise and sense of fun shine through her brilliant classes.


– Amanda & Tamara, fashion journalist

It was refreshing to talk to someone with real deep knowledge of the industry, the techniques and materials used in perfumery.


– Morne, perfume connoisseur

I absolutely adored my finished fragrance. I also enjoyed having a ‘sniff’ of the perfumes my classmates had created.

– Coreen, fragrance enthusiast

The Masterclass was marvellous.

The whole things is very enjoyable and chic.



– Nick, fragrance professional

Let’s talk about the amazingness of EPC. I couldn’t be more please with the end result, my bottle is now pride of place in my collection.


– Terri, blogger

Our client absolutely loved the fragrance and many people in the office have asked what’s that smell.



– Zahra, project exec at Karmarama