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Spring Accord by Samantha

By Samantha, in London, June 2017

What was the inspiration behind the fragrance you created? 

Spring is always a reminder to start afresh and this was my intention for this particular scent. I wanted to create something that would be uplifting and re-set the day of the wearer. A saying kept popping into my mind as I was making it ‘Start the day as you mean to go on’. I went through several names such as ‘Harmony in Spring’, but settled on ‘Spring Accord’ as not only was it a nod to perfume making but it was a new beginning for the new season.

What was your first ever fragrance and what does it reminds you of?

My first every fragrance was ‘Amarige’ by Givenchy. The myriad of notes is an opulent blend of fresh fruit, a complex floral bouquet and a woody base. For me the attraction as a teenager was the mix of neroli, gardenia, musk and Amber. I really wanted to be the chic French woman this was clearly designed for! Sometime as a young child I would steal my mother’s  Anais Anais, by Cacharel’s. It locked into my little nose orange blossom, lily, hyacinth, carnation, sandalwood and incense forever and was a constant reminder of her. Whenever I smell it now it brings nothing but joy and comfort. Knowing this, I can’t help but wonder what my own child will remember me by.

What is your favourite smell from everyday life?

There are so many it is hard to chose, for each one brings back such vivid happy memories. The smell oil and petrol from my dad’s garage, the sweet evening scent of jasmine flowers in Kas, Turkey, where my husband proposed, the Spice farm in southern India from our honeymoon, the rolling fields of lavender in Provence on a recent research trip where we took our son, to the sweet scent of honeysuckle bush outside my window as a child – this is to be the source of my next perfume creation!

Sam lives in London, is a video producer and heads the perfume exploratory blog Scent of Adventure.

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