"Today I’m Wearing" Interview by We Wear Perfume of Emmanuelle Moeglin | Experimental Perfume Club

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“Today I’m Wearing” Interview by We Wear Perfume of Emmanuelle Moeglin

Today I’m wearing two fragrances that I’ve layered. I have tons of fragrances, maybe 50 or 60 bottles, I gravitate around three or four and use the other ones just for display. I love to layer, so for that I use mono notes, ones that are easily layered on top of each other. Firstly I’ve used Narciso Rodriguez Musc For Her, which is impossible to find any more because it was a limited edition, so I had to get my friend to ship this back from the States, from Bergdorf Goodman. It’s beautiful; a velvety, abstract floral musk scent, very ‘transparent’ and with a lot of Indol, which has a jasmine note to it and I absolutely love it.

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