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By Adrian, Shoreditch House, London, June 2016

What was the inspiration behind the fragrance you created? 

I chose to create something that had a sense of intrigue: the idea of a tryst, of a stolen kiss; to remain refreshing with layered complexity.

What was your first ever fragrance and what does it reminds you of?

I used to concoct fragrances when I was younger using a mixture of my father’s terrible 80s perfumes; I pity anyone who had to be in the same room with me! The first I bought for myself was Egoïste by Chanel. For me it’s strong masculine smell with an unforgettable advertising campaign.

What is your favourite smell from everyday life?

I’m obligated to say I love the smell of books, but churned butter is something that returns me to my childhood. It reminds me of my mother baking cheesecakes before dinner parties.

Adrian Fernand is a writer and ‘global sensation’. Adrian writes novels and travels the world with his partner & artist Jake Kuit

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