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Get a taste of perfume creation with our free Miniclass. If you enjoy it, join us on our Creation Course Program where you'll embark on a unforgettable learning journey with our perfumers.

FREE Miniclass

Get a taste of perfume creation and learn the basics of perfumery with our three-part miniclass.

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Looking for the best value? Get our 12-week course bundle containing the 3 chapters, from the basics to pro.

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Deep dove into perfume creation, from the ingredients to formulation, with this 6-week advanced course that will teach you the basics of perfume creation.

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Completed part 1? Continue your perfumery journey with out new modules that will deepen your perfume studies.

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Keep learning as we continue to add new exciting modules to the Creation Course.

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About Our Courses

1. For hobbyists or continuous professional development

This online perfumery course has been designed by professional perfumers and is open to all levels. Whether your aim is to learn a new creative craft or to apply it to your business, we’ve packed the course with practical tutorials and theory assets for you to learn and practice the art of perfume creation at home.

2. Video course accessible any time

Weekly released videos that you can watch again and again as you practice at home. You’ll gain access to the video course for one year from purchase along with downloadable workbooks and tutorial presentations.


3. Course material and equipment included

Available internationally, you’ll be sent all material to follow the course. We source our ingredients from the best reputable perfume ingredient suppliers.

4. Access to student tools: Certificate, community & student shop

Our course is certified by the UK certification program CPD and you will have the opportunity to pass a test at completion to receive your certificate.

We also encourage our students to join our community on a private student discussion group where you can share your ideas, formulas, wins and challenges while learning perfumery.

Exclusive access to our “student shop” where you can buy perfumery material an replenish when you need more ingredients and laboratory equipment.

5. Keep learning

When you join our online perfume course, you’ll have the option to continue learning as we keep releasing new chapters and live Q&A videos with our perfumer.

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