Amber Iris

Eau de Parfum

The essence of true Amber in this dark, yet soft fragrance.  

Featuring a minimalist blend of the ingredients we love, Amber Iris marries the classic ingredients of Amber – vanilla, Frankincense, Myrrh and Labdanum – with the soft and earthy powdery tones of Ambrette seed absolute, iris absolute and animalic Ambroxan and patchouli.  A treat for those who love a powerful and addictive scent that will last for days. 

Collection: Base (deep)

Scent descriptors: Carnal. Bold. Ambery. 

Amber Iris

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The inspiration behind Amber Iris

A power play of ingredients, a scent of juxtapositions.

A smoky, smooth incense pierces through rich, resinous myrrh. The subtle, hushed powderiness of iris contrasted with the warm, balsamic facets of labdanum. Syrupy vanilla is poured over patchouli for a chocolaty accord that soothes in the background.

A blanket of Ambroxan and ambrette seed makes everything soft – a downiness you can almost feel.


Amber is one of the most famous and classical compositions of perfumery.

Contrary to popular belief, amber is a fantasy perfumery note. It is recreated using a blend of ingredients such as vanilla and the golden saps – labdanum, styrax, myrrh and benzoin. Together they bring a rich, spicy, enveloping and powdery feel.


Iris, or orris, is most commonly known for its ethereal blue and purple petals, but the perfumery ingredient is actually extracted from the rhizomes (roots), not the flowers.

Fifteen tons of iris roots produce just ten kilograms of iris butter, which in turn, produce just one kilo of iris absolute. This, coupled with the lengthy drying time makes it one of perfumery’s most expensive ingredients.

The smell of iris is extremely rich and only needs a small amounts to create an impactful effect in a fragrance. It is powdery, soft and supple with woody and earthy undertones. It can smell both dry and powdery, and sweet-buttery and skin-like.

wear alone or blend together

This fragrance can be worn individually or blended together with other Essential to create your own unique fragrance. Amber Iris is a 'Base' (warm), which can be blended with a 'Top' (fresh) and/or 'Mid' (soft).

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