Creation Set Collection 03

3 x Eau de Parfum: Cardamom Moss + Tonka Sesame + Cedarwood Absinthe

or 3 equal interest free installments with

The Creation Sets contains a selection of our Essential fragrances specially designed to help you experiment and create your own fragrance at home.

Blend the Essentials together in endless possible combinations to create a signature scent truly tailored for you, by you.

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Creation Set Collection 03

Vegan & Cruelty-free
Plastic-free packing

How it works

Create your own fragrance

Each Creation Set contains a set of three fragrances and a personal blending bottle. Experiment by blending together our Essentials Eau de Parfum in different combinations to create a signature scent personal to you.  

Creation Set 02 contains a trio of our fragrances and all the equipment you need to blend them together.

Set Contents:

Each set comes with our free downloadable 70 page formula book that contains detailed instructions and our curated selection of formula to start creating risk-free! You’ll also receive access to our video blending tutorial.

The 3 Essentials in this set

TOP: Cardamom Moss + MID: Tonka Sesame + BASE: Cedarwood Absinthe

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