Rose Charcoal

Eau de Parfum

A sensual blend of decadent rose with animalic and addictive leather notes. A rich and intense fragrance full of anticipated excitement.

This Signature Blend is created with two Essential Eau de Parfum: Rose Rhubarb and Sandalwood Musk

Signature Blends are created blending our Essential Eau de Parfum together.

Rose Charcoal

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What’s inside

Our Signature Blends are blended fragrances using unique combinations from our Essentials collection.

This fragrance blends two Essential eau de parfum

epc signature perfume rose charcoal rose rhubarb

Rose Rhubarb: 5 parts

Rose bushes grow from a rhubarb patch in this colorful marriage of opposites.

Rose Rhubarb marries the tangy, leafy scent of rhubarb and blackcurrant leaves with rich and jammy Moroccan Rose Absolute and peony.

Collection: Mid (mellow)

Scent descriptors: Colorful. Floral. Tangy.

epc signature perfume rose charcoal Sandalwood Musk

Sandalwood Musk: 3 parts

Creamy wood and hot stone wrapped in soft leather.

Sandalwood Musk stars smooth Indian sandalwood married with sparkling pink peppercorn, smoky vetiver, soft leather and mineral Ambroxan.

Collection: Base (deep)

Scent descriptors: Mineral. Warm. Soft Leathery. Woody.

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