Rose Rhubarb

Eau de Parfum

Rose bushes grow from a rhubarb patch in this colorful marriage of opposites. 

With a minimalist blend of the perfume ingredients we love, Rose Rhubarb marries the tangy, leafy scent of rhubarb and blackcurrant leaves with rich and jammy Moroccan Rose Absolute and peony. A coupling of two ingredients that were made for each other in this delightful and unexpected rose re-imagined. 

Collection: Mid (mellow) 

Scent descriptors: Colorful. Floral. Tangy.


Rose Rhubarb

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The inspiration behind Rose Rhubarb

A bright rose entwined with sharp blackcurrant and sparkling, zingy rhubarb. Soft peonies add dewiness, whilst blackcurrants expose its greenness. Petals, stalks and stems: a nose in a rosebush. Rich, jam-laced Moroccan rose absolute adds depth. A scent that sparks a childlike joy within. Pink to green like rhubarb stalks this is a rose that’s bursting with color.


Harvested from May to July, the Damask rose grown in Morocco is the rose variety used for this high quality ingredient.

Known as the “Queen of Flowers”, rose absolute is an incredibly multi-faceted ingredient. It can be petal-like and powdery, or citrusy and clean. It can also take on sweet, jammy, spicy and fruity qualities. This variety of attributes means it works well in combination with myriad ingredients.


Rhubarb is recognized for its bright pink and red fleshy stalks and tart flavor. Although classed as a vegetable, it is often treated as a fruit in the culinary world and usually incorporated into sweet foods like tarts and pies for a touch of zing.

Rhubarb is an underrated ingredient in perfumery. Surprisingly so as the ingredient pairs seamlessly with notes of floral, green and citrus. Each of which pulls out a different rhubarb facet: florals enhance its fruitiness while greens heighten the already verdant nature of the ingredient, and citruses bring out the tingly, sharpness often associated with rhubarb.

wear alone or blend together

This fragrance can be worn individually or blended together with other Essential to create your own unique fragrance. Rose Rhubarb is a 'Mid' (soft), which can be blended with a 'Top' (fresh) and/or 'Base' (warm).

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