Sandalwood Musk

Eau de Parfum

Creamy wood and hot stone wrapped in soft leather.

Featuring a minimalist blend of some of our favorite ingredients, Sandalwood Musk stars smooth Indian sandalwood married with sparkling pink peppercorn, smoky vetiver, soft leather and mineral Ambroxan. This addictive soft leather fragrance comes to life on the skin, evoking the smell of the incandescent ashes of burning sandalwood. 

Collection: Base (deep)

Scent descriptors: Mineral. Warm. Soft Leathery. Woody.

Sandalwood Musk

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The inspiration behind Sandalwood Musk

A sandalwood pierced with light, shining in the dark. Enhancing both the dark woods, and the soft creaminess of sandalwood oil with different ingredients. Animalic, addictive, leather suede accentuates sandalwoods darkest qualities. A surge of vibration from spicy pink peppercorn lifts you from the depths. A gentle, blanket-like Ambroxan envelops you. A sandalwood lifted by the minerals of the earth.



Sandalwood oil comes from the Santalum Album, a small tropical tree native to India and Southeast Asia. A beloved wood in many religions, it is believed to be sacred in Hindu Ayurveda, used as an offering to the guru in Buddhism and is considered the Tree of Life in Korean Shamanism.

It has a soft, warm, smooth, leathery and gentle woody scent. It is also recognizable through its creamy and milky facets, and helps to add comfort and warmth to fragrances. It is extremely long lasting and enhances the longevity of other more volatile materials.

Suede & White Musks

Contrary to what one might believe, the smell of leather is not directly extracted from the material. No ingredients used in our fragrances are from animal origins but always a creative interpretation of its scent.

We recreate the scent of leather with and accord of ingredients that mimic the sweet, smoky and slightly burnt smell of suede. 

Together with clean white musks, they create a long lasting trail alike to the smell of skin in all its sensuality.

wear alone or blend together

This fragrance can be worn individually or blended together with other Essential to create your own unique fragrance. Sandalwood Musk is a 'Base' (warm), which can be blended with a 'Top' (fresh) and/or 'Mid' (soft).

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