Personalized Signature Blend – Made-to-Order

Eau de Parfum

or 3 equal interest free installments with

Made-to-order blended fragrances, using unique combinations from our Essentials collection.

Select one of our Signature Blends from our Made-to Order range. Ranging from fresh to deep, each unique fragrance formula has been carefully curated by our perfumer. 

Each Signature Blend 50ml Eau de Parfum can be personalized with the name of your choice and is refillable. 

These Blends are blended-to-order in our Lab, so we can practice mindful consumption, which means we only produce what you order. More information below on how to choose your Signature Blend.

Your made-to-order fragrance will be made at the EPC Lab within 2 weeks of your order being processed. 

Personalized Signature Blend - Made-to-Order

Made on demand & hand-blended
Refillable bottle
Vegan & Cruelty-free

Find the right blend for you

How to choose your Signature Blend

Step 1. Use our Formula Finder©

Get a selection of Blends recommended for you based on your taste.

Find your perfect Signature Blend

Step 2. Select your favorite blend from the dropdown

Once you selected your favorite scent.

Step 3. Name your fragrance

Or simply keep the name of your chosen Signature Blend.

We'll take it from here!

Your Signature Blend will be hand-blended, on demand in our perfumery Lab.