Tonka Sesame

Eau de Parfum

An utterly delectable combination of gourmand notes and woods; fuzed in perfect harmony.

Hazelnuts, almonds and tonka beans all swirl around a rich sesame absolute. Heliotrope bolsters the almond and hints of roasted vanilla, whilst earthy patchouli and woody Cedar ground the fragrance. A toasty scent that smells good enough to eat.

Collection: Mid (mellow)

Scent descriptors: Gourmand. Nutty. Woody.

Tonka Sesame

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The inspiration behind Tonka Sesame

A kumaru tree kisses a hazel tree, sesame tendrils climb their way up its trunk, patchouli leaves and heliotrope flowers bloom at its base: a marvel of the forest. A fusion of trees creates intertwining scents.

Almonds, sesame seeds, tonka beans, green hazelnuts all sprout, yearning to be picked. They warm in the sun.

The scent is delectable. Delicious. Toasty. A medley of nuts all succulently roasted in unison.


Tonka Bean

Seeds from the tree Dipteryx odorata – also known as Kumaru – are extracted to reveal the precious Tonka Bean Absolute – a dark brown and gold material.

Reminiscent of vanilla, almond and spices, Tonka brings out a slight sweetness to the fragrance without being overly sweet. It has a long-lasting scent that smells nutty, spicy, woody and vanilla-like.


Extracted from sesame seeds, Sesame Absolute is a rare gourmand ingredient that is nutty but not sweet. Only a minute amount is enough to enhance its unique signature.

It has rich, roasted, coffee and peanut-like qualities that makes it an unexpected ingredient to use in our fragrance.

wear alone or blend together

This fragrance can be worn individually or blended together with other Essential to create your own unique fragrance. Tonka Sesame is a 'Mid' (soft), which can be blended with a 'Top' (fresh) and/or 'Base' (warm).

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