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Ingredient Box Sets

All our ingredients are sourced from leading perfumery ingredients suppliers and are some of the best quality you can find. To be true to the perfumer’s organ, our selection contains both natural and aroma chemicals.

There are 3 ingredients sets you can choose from including 5, 15 or 30 of 2.5ml vials each. Box sets will contain essential ingredients and materials to start blending at home. Examples of ingredients include Bergamot Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Patchouli Oil, Vetiver Oil and molecules such as Hedione, Stemone, Calone, Coumarine and Iso E Super.

Boxes contain: alcohol-base perfumery ingredients, pipettes, scent strips, empty vials and a booklet filled with information to start your perfume-making journey at home.

Important note: All our ingredients are diluted in perfumer’s alcohol at 10%, 5% or 1%, allowing easier access into smelling and blending them. WE DO NOT SEND INGREDIENT SETS OUTSIDE THE UK.





There are 3 different ingredient boxes you can choose from:

  • The Budding Perfumer Set (5 x 2.5ml ingredients + 1 empty vile) – £25 + shipping
  • EPC Box 1 Ingredient Set (15 x 2.5ml ingredients + 1 empty vial) – £50 + shipping
  • EPC Box 1 + 2 Ingredient Set (30 x 2.5ml ingredients + 2 empty vials) – £95 + shipping

Please note that the ingredient boxes involve the use of perfumery ingredients, those with allergies and sensitivities are advised to take this into consideration. Read our health and safety points if you need more information.

Any questions? Get in touch or read our FAQs.

What do the ingredient sets contain

  • The Budding Perfumer Set

Contains 5 vials of different ingredients (2.5ml each), a 10ml empty vile, pipettes and scent strips. The ingredients have been carefully selected to allow you to have a little go at blending and creating a wearable fragrance. The kit will come with a ‘recipe’ card to guide you on which ingredients to combine and how much of each ingredient to use.


  • EPC Box 1 Ingredient Set

An ingredient discovery set, including: 16 vials (2.5ml each) of the essential ingredients for a perfumer’s palette (7 natural and 8 aroma chemicals pre-diluted in alcohol + 1 empty vial), scent strips, pipettes and an information booklet about the ingredients and how to use them.


  • EPC Box 1 + 2 Ingredient Set

An ingredient set of 2 boxes, totalling 32 vials of the essential ingredients for the perfumer’s palette: box 1 containing 15 vials (2.5ml each) of natural perfumery ingredients, box 2 with 15 vials (2.5ml each) of essential aroma chemicals + 2 empty vials for your creations. Includes scent strips, pipettes and an information booklet.

Additional information

Perfumery Set

Budding Perfumer Set (5 vials + one empty bottle), EPC Box 1 Ingredient Set (15 vials + one empty), EPC Box 1 & 2 Ingredient Set (30 vials + 2 empty)


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