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Bespoke Scent Design for Brands & Businesses

Tell your brand’s story through scent.

Creating Chemistry: Connecting People and Brands Through Scent

We create and develop unique fragrances, that will bring your brand, your project or your event to life. You’ll work directly with our head perfumer to create a fragrance that will match your vision. No middle man, just you and us.

The fragrances developed exclusively for brands and businesses are white labels and not attached to the Experimental Perfume Club TM. These fragrances aren’t developed within a workshop format but we include our clients into the process as much as possible. All fragrances developed by EPC comply with the various regulatory requirements. 

Tell our perfumer your story

Olfactory Installations

We design sensory installation to create unique retail experiences. Sensory marketing, or scent branding is a powerful and original tool; the sensory logo of your brand can be used to extend its message, engage with customers on a sensorial level and anchor your story beyond its visual aspect. This solution is ideal for any business looking to design a scent that enhances their brand’s experience.

Find out more about the many possibilities of sensory marketing for your brand, and how to appeal to your clients from the first smell.

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