Soleil d’Hiver (Edition Blend)

Eau de Parfum

The warmth of sunlight in the winter air and the crisp breeze against rosy cheeks, Soleil d’Hiver captures the spirit of the season.

An ethereal scent that evokes the frost and warmth of the winter sun, Soleil d’Hiver is nostalgic and enchanting.

The top notes of Cardamom and Pink Peppercorn are a delight; this blend unveils Moroccan Rose, caressed by Oolong Tea. Resting beneath the cold scent of snow, the base notes of Sandalwood, Leather, and Tobacco invigorate the senses while enticing the wearer for more.

Olfactory Family: Spicy Floral Rose

Scent Descriptors: Spicy. Rose. Leathery.

This Autumn / Winter limited edition Blend is available for a limited time only.

Soleil d'Hiver (Edition Blend)

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What’s inside

Blended with Eau de Parfum from the Essential collection

Cardamom Moss, Rose Rhubarb and Sandalwood Musk unite for this new limited-edition fragrance, embodying the spirit of the upcoming Autumn/Winter season.

Smell Like A King Circle

Cardamom Moss: 2 parts

A swirl of spices wrapped in salty waves of mineral mosses and Ambroxan.

A scent of dualities, Cardamom Moss pairs cool and warm spices with mineral mosses. Zingy ginger fuses with warm turmeric, cool cardamon is juxtaposed with the depth of cinnamon. An overdose of Ambroxan and moss gives way to velvety, salt-tinged woods wrapped into a hint of caramelised tobacco and powdery musks.

Collection: Top (fresh)

Scent descriptors: Spicy. Mineral. Fresh.

Cardamom Moss Experimental Perfume Club (EPC)

Black Nagar 3 Circles Signature Blends

Rose Rhubarb: 2 parts

Rose bushes grow from a rhubarb patch in this colourful marriage of opposites.

With a minimalist blend of the perfume ingredients we love, Rose Rhubarb marries the tangy, leafy scent of rhubarb and blackcurrant leaves with rich and jammy Moroccan Rose Absolute and peony. A coupling of two ingredients that were made for each other in this delightful and unexpected rose re-imagined.

Collection: Mid (mellow)

Scent descriptors: Colourful. Floral. Tangy.

Black Nagar 3 Circles Signature Blends

Sandalwood Musk: 4 parts

Creamy wood and hot stone wrapped in soft leather.

Featuring a minimalist blend of some of our favourite ingredients, Sandalwood Musk stars smooth Indian sandalwood married with sparkling pink peppercorn, smoky vetiver, soft leather and mineral Ambroxan. This addictive soft leather fragrance comes to life on the skin, evoking the smell of the incandescent ashes of burning sandalwood.

Collection: Base (deep)

Scent descriptors: Mineral. Warm. Soft Leathery. Woody.

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