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Learn perfumery at home

Get a taste of perfume creation with the free Miniclass. If you enjoy it, move to more with the beginners 2-week Fundamentals Perfume Ingredient Course or take the full experience with the advanced course 6-week Fundamentals Perfume Creation Course.

Get a taste of perfume creation and learn the basics of perfumery with this three-part miniclass.

Learn how to smell like a pro with this beginners two-week course focused on learning about perfumery ingredients.

Deep dive into perfume creation, from the ingredients to formulation, this 6-week advanced course will teach you the basics of perfume creation.

Free Miniclass

Welcome to this three-part miniclass where we take you through the basics of perfumery. Explore with us:

  • how to smell a perfume ingredient
  • a beginner’s guide to perfume creation
  • some of the most common perfume questions


Fundamentals Perfume Ingredient Course

During this 2-week course, you’ll have access to a series of how to and tutorial videos and a workbook that will help you awaken your sense of smell and develop an in-depth understanding of the most commonly used ingredients in perfumery. You’ll start by learning proper smelling techniques and how to accurately describe and categorise perfumery ingredients by family, volatility and type. You’ll then learn to compare and contrast these ingredients to deepen your understanding of the scented world around you.

You will receive the ingredients you need to follow this course including a selection of 30 of the most commonly used perfumery ingredients and laboratory materials including scent strips.

Fundamentals Perfume Creation Course

During the whole of the “Stay Home” period, we are lowering the price of the Perfume Creation course by 30%  to help you find a new creative outlet while you are at home.

During this 6-week course, you’ll be getting a series of videos and a workbook that will help you to understand the fundamentals of perfume creation and gain the knowledge to start creating fragrances. From the ingredients to the formula, you’ll be taken on a step-by-step learning journey that will give you the necessary information to get started in perfume creation – whether it is for a hobby or professional purpose.

Each week, you’ll receive a set of how-to videos, practical demos and theory courses to help you gain a broad understanding of the fundamentals of perfumery. You will start by awakening your sense of smell by learning to recognise, describe and organise a large selection of the most commonly used perfumery ingredients. You’ll then explore the fundamentals of professional perfumery practice including the basic equipment of perfumery and setting up your own laboratory at home. You will end the course by learning the creative process behind a fragrance brief and developing an in-depth knowledge of fragrance creation across a variety of applications by composing both simple and complex fragrance formulas.

You will receive all of the materials you need to follow this course including a wide selection of perfumery ingredients and the necessary lab equipment, including scent strips, a scale, pipettes, empty bottles, and solvent.

Meet your instructors

Emmanuelle Moeglin
Founder & Perfumer

Emmanuelle is the founder of Experimental Perfume Club and is a classically trained nose with over 12 years of experience working in the fragrance industry. After finishing her studies at ISIPCA, she worked for esteemed global fragrance brands around the world before opening EPC and starting her signature fragrance line Layers.

Tom Jansen

Tom has been passionate about fragrance as long as he can remember. As a classically trained perfumer and former student of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, he brings his love for perfumery to the EPC. After spending seven years as an entrepreneur in the candle industry, Tom relocated to London from Canada to join the EPC team.