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Step into EPC's immersive fragrance experience and design your own fragrance

Find the perfect formula for your bespoke perfume designed for you, by you.
Become your own perfumer.

How to make your own perfume at home

3 ways to enjoy your own fragrance

Formula Finder

A fragrance matcher to find your Signature Blends in just 3 steps.

Our perfume recommendations for you
Creation Sets

A creative and fun perfume making kit to blend your scent at home.

Experiment blending at home
Scent Designer

The ultimate tool to design your custom scent online. Create your own, or gift a personalised fragrance.

Order your personalised scent online

How to make your own perfume in our Lab

More ways to enjoy your unique fragrance

The Blending Consultation

Join a consultation in our London Lab with one of our Blending Masters

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The Luxe Blending Experience

Join a 1-2-1 perfume making experience in our London Lab

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Why your personalised perfume will always work

Fragrances to blend together

Minimalist-Chic Eau de Parfum intentionally created to be blended together in harmonious and original combinations, to create beautiful, unique bespoke scents.

Designed by you, Curated by us

Experiment with your own ideas or let our team of experts guide you!

Guaranteed to work!

Our fragrances blend so well together that our 'Blends' have won and have been finalists of prestigious awards.

What’s more

Created by perfumers using the finest ingredients

At EPC we believe everyone can be the designer of their own personalised fragrance.

That’s why we create fragrances and design tools that let you create and wear scents that don’t just smell great, but also suits your unique taste and mood.

Whichever way you choose, we’ll always make sure it works perfectly for you, thanks to decades of fragrance expertise combined with our scent algorithm, the Formula Finder© .

Your custom fragrances wherever you are

We have proudly designed fragrances, sets and tools – our Formula Finder©, Scent Designer, Creation Sets, online blending consultations, all available worldwide – to help you find and create your own signature perfume, no matter where you are in the world.

Eco-conscious Refillable fragrances

Thanks to our sustainable refill service for mindful consumption, you’ll never run out of your signature blend while helping us reduce production by reusing your bottle.

We are proudly carbon-positive and create vegan and cruelty-free fragrances, certified by Peta.

Learn more about our eco-blended fragrances