Smell Like A King

Eau de Parfum

Created blending two Essential Cardamom Moss & Cedarwood Absinth

A rich leathery fragrance, unashamedly powerful and sultry. Step into a Gentlemen’s Club filled with the scents of cigars, whiskey, absinthe and old chesterfields.

An aromatic wormwood oil gives the scent of Absinth, with Cypriol roots providing a powerful earthy, woody, balsamic undertone, bolstered by Virginia and Atlas Cedar and patchouli. Fresh herbs and spices contrast with deep woody and tobacco notes: this is the scent of the monarchy as you’ve never experienced before.

Signature Blends are created blending our Essential Eau de Parfum together.

Smell Like A King

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What’s inside

Our Signature Blends are blended fragrances using unique combinations from our Essentials collection.

This fragrance blends two Essential eau de parfum

Smell Like A King Circle

Cardamom Moss: 3 parts

A swirl of spices wrapped in salty waves of mineral mosses and Ambroxan.

A scent of dualities, Cardamom Moss pairs cool and warm spices with mineral mosses. Zingy ginger fuses with warm turmeric, cool cardamon is juxtaposed with the depth of cinnamon. An overdose of Ambroxan and moss gives way to velvety, salt-tinged woods wrapped into a hint of caramelised tobacco and powdery musks.

Collection: Top (fresh)

Scent descriptors: Spicy. Mineral. Fresh.

Cardamom Moss Experimental Perfume Club (EPC)

Black Nagar 3 Circles Signature Blends

Cedarwood Absinth: 5 parts

A rich leathery fragrance unashamedly herbaceous, sultry and powerful.

Aromatic wormwood oil, gives the scent of Absinth. Cypriol roots gives a powerful earthy, woody, balsamic undertone, bolstered by Virginia and Atlas Cedar, and patchouli. A rich leathery fragrance that begins unashamedly herbaceous and woody, before softening to an incredibly sultry scent.

Collection: Base (deep)

Scent descriptors: Woody. Leathery. Aromatic.

Cedarwood Absinth Experimental Perfume Club (EPC)

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