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From Wallpaper to Tatler, we are always so excited to see the Experimental Perfume Club featured in publications from all around the world! Browse through some of our highlights or for any enquiries, please contact rachel@rachelvasdekys.com

Culture Trip

The Best Unique Perfumers In London

When you consider its position just around the corner from Broadway Market, it’s no surprise that The Experimental Perfume Club is such a hub of creativity. Offering quite a raw presentation of what goes into perfecting a perfume, it’s an open-access lab that aims to educate people on the process and reconnect them with their own sense of smell. Whether you’re keen to learn how to create your own scent, enjoy a bespoke consultation or you’re simply interested in what goes on behind the scenes, this well-designed space provides a clever insight and a personalised experience that will let you in on its secrets.


Extract from Culture Trip November publication

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Making Scents

Through her open-access perfume lab, Emmanuelle Moeglin is the entrepreneur demystifying an artform often shrouded in secrecy. She discusses why she believes the time is right for access to this knowledge, and why perfumery should be as accessible a craft as any other.


Extract from Lagom issue 7 publication


Unusual Christmas Gifts

“Be less predictable this Christmas and give the gift their least expecting. Whether it be a one day wine school with Berry Bros & Rudd or a crazy Christmas tree topper in support of female empowerment from Women To Look Up To, follow Vogue’s guide to the most unusual gifts you’ll want to give and get this Christmas.

[Experimental Perfume Club Apprentice Workshop featured alongside experiences at Harvey Nichols and Harrods.]


Extract from the article published in Vogue online December 2017

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Men’s Fitness

If you know someone, or are someone, who’s highly attentive to the way they smell, a trip to this London fragrance lab could be just what you’re looking for.

[…] What’s less appealing is the way some scents are marketed. They have daft names, advertising budgets to rival Hollywood blockbusters and slogans like “He was strong and vulnerable. He was everywhere and nowhere. He wears Miasma.” And as a result, some of the bottles on your bathroom shelf have a whiff of bullshit about them.

Fortunately, there’s now a way you can sidestep that silliness – by making the fragrance yourself, under the expert guidance of the Experimental Perfume Club. Founded by Emmanuelle Moeglin, who has both a biochemistry degree and over a decade of experience working at prestigious perfume houses, the club hosts workshops at its Hackney headquarters where perfume pupils get to mix their own scents and leave with a bottle of their bespoke creation.

The venue is a charming cocktail of art and science, with scales and pipettes sharing shelf space with plants and jars of dried flowers. “We wanted to create a space that was welcoming and dedicated to what’s inside the bottle,” says Moeglin. It was also designed to plug the gap between interest and knowledge. “Very few perfume users actually understand the product they use. Our primary aims were to help people reconnect with their sense of smell and, in a way, to empower them to make more informed decisions. […]”

Extract from the article published in the December 2017 issue.


Decoding your perfume: Why scents are the modern-day magic potions

Muggle-life version: Perfume can be oh-so powerful when it comes to seduction. Emanuelle Moeglin, Founder of the Experimental Perfume Club in North London, explains, “typically rose and other florals are great for conveying the idea of love, but to be seductive, you’ll have to add a combination of softer, powdery or oriental notes. The family of fragrance called ‘Floriental’, which uses a balance of subtle florals with oriental notes are great for seduction. They combine the lightness of floral notes with the lingering sweetness of ambery notes. Look for ingredients such as rose, jasmine, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, musks. Avoid anything too fresh, such as citrus fragrances or typically masculine notes such as woody and spicy.”

Interview extracted from the article published on Cosmo online in December 2017

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Fabulous Magazine

Made to order

Sniff out your very own signature scent – perfect for a bespoke bridal aroma – at perfume studio and micro-lab Experimental Perfume Club in east London. Choose the one-to-one session with your own pro perfumer at Le Petit Parfum workshop, for 1hr15, where you’ll get an understanding of the scents you like and dislike and leave with a bottle of your very own EDT. Or if you want to play scent scientists and be let loose in the lab, book on to an Open-Lab session.

Extract from the article published in the September 2017 issue

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Marie Claire

Your guide to the most stylish men’s grooming gifts

If he’s into his fragrance why not send him for an unforgettable experience to make his own?

A day spent at the Experimental Perfume Club offers a rare glimpse into the world of fragrance; you’ll leave understanding the olfactory world and even your own tastes a little better. You’ll also walk away with your very own personalised fragrance

Extract from the article published in August 2017

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FT How to Spend It

An enticing east London space dedicated to bespoke fragrances. With all its talk of noses and notes, the world of perfumery can appear rather intimidating, and something of a closed shop. But Emmanuelle Moeglin, who trained with Annick Goutal nose Isabelle Doyen and master perfumer Rosendo Mateu, intends to open it up to the public at her inviting new micro-perfumery in east London, the Experimental Perfume Club.

Extract from the article published in July 2017

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Perfume Lab in London


“As the fragrance industry modernises and entrepreneurial young noses seek ways to engage the public in the art of perfumery, we start to get a better view behind the curtain. Emmanuelle Moeglin is one such perfumer stepping out of the shadow to demystify the industry to increasingly curious customers.”

Extract from the interview published in Wallpaper June 2017

Country and Townhouse

“If you have an interest at all in perfume, then you might like to know about the Experimental Perfume Club. It’s based in east London where perfumer Emmanuelle Moeglin runs frequent workshops. […] Started by Moeglin to try and revive the lost art of the ‘nose’, there is a fragrance laboratory that anybody can visit and offers a wonderful insight into the word of scent.”


“The Experimental Perfume Club, founded by industry insider Emmanuelle Moeglin, is a micro perfumery and open- access perfume laboratory, driven by Millennial consumers’ desire to create and learn more about fragrance.”

Disclaimer: the article above is courtesy of WGSN and extracted from a trend report on niche fragrance

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Living Etc

“There is something incredibly glamorous about having a signature perfume, so why not take it to the next level and develop your own bespoke scent? The Experimental Perfume Club, the city’s first open-access perfume lab, hosts workshops and consultation for you to create your own fragrance with expert assistance. An extra bonus – as well as walking away with your individual perfume and formula, the smell can be reproduced at any time, but only for yourself. Smells good to us.”

Evening Standard

50 best perfumes, candles and fragrances for him and for her this Christmas:

For the woman who has everything, a fragrance-making session at the Experimental Perfume Club in Dalston is the solution.

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Daily Mail You Magazine

Learn about different notes, titillate your scent palate – then custom blend your own bespoke fragrance from scratch in a perfume masterclass at the Experimental Perfume Club.

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We are a new perfumery concept in the heart of London.

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