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of Perfume Creation
Online Course

During the “Stay Home” period, we are lowering the price of the Perfume Creation course by 30% to help you explore a new creative outlet while you are at home.

About The Course

gain access to how to videos, demos and tutorials.

The training

  • Suitable for beginners to experienced perfume makers
  • Immediate access to the e-learning platform
  • 34 lessons over 6 modules released weekly
  • 7 hours of video course and tutorials (in English available with English subtitles)
  • Downloadable pdfs of the tutorial
  • A downloadable workbook
  • Homework assignments
  • Course kit including a total of 500ml of ingredients and perfumery lab equipment

The Materials

With this course you will receive 4 boxes of material including 42 ingredients and laboratory equipement

Value £300 (Included with the course at no extra charge)

  • Ingredient Box Set #1 including 15 ingredients * 12ml bottles (pre-diluted in alcohol)
  • Ingredient Box Set #2 including 15 ingredients * 12ml bottles (pre-diluted in alcohol)
  • Ingredient Box Set #3 (accord rose) including 11 ingredients * 12ml bottles (pre-diluted in alcohol) and 1 ingredient in pure (1g)
  • Total ingredient quantity: 500ml
  • A scale
  • 5 empty bottles including one with a spray pump
  • Scent strips and pipettes
  • 15ml bottle of perfumery alcohol
  • Downloadable tutorials pdf during the course

The course is available internationally! We ship to most countries (check if you are eligible for international shipping at checkout, shipping is free or reduced depending on the country). Check our FAQ section for more.

Please leave 1 to 2 weeks to receive your ingredient pack. We recommend starting the course once you receive the material.

What Our Students Say

This was honestly one of the best online courses I’ve ever participated in. Love the video content, thoroughness and all the materials and tools provided. I found the course to be comprehensive and very educational.

– Daniela (USA)

“What a great course! I went from knowing nothing about perfumery and scents, to feeling like I had enough of a grounding to get started learning. I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone who’s interesting in learning about perfumery.”

– Matt (UK)

“I’ve found the presentation of the course in terms of written documents, videos and materials beautiful and of impeccable quality and easy to use. Em’s knowledge and enthusiasm for perfumery feels sincere, inspiring and is communicated very clearly and accessibility to the novice.”

– Jake (UK)

This course is actually the best perfume course I have ever taken before. I took courses from a few organizations both online and offline in the last few years, but EPC’s is the best one at a reasonable price. This course is very detailed which is suitable for both beginners and intermediate self-learners. It contains the knowledge from how to smell an ingredient to how to use the ingredient in perfume.

– Wanye (China)

Featured In

The Programme and Lessons

What You'll Learn

  • How to describe perfumery ingredients to memorise them
  • Learn and recognise 42 perfumery ingredients (natural and molecules)
  • How ingredients are classified (families, top, mid and base…)
  • Understanding combination, harmony and contrast in a formula
  • Learn about molecules, natural extracts and accords and where they come from and their forms
  • How to set-up your perfumer’s lab and organ at home
  • How to realise basic laboratory work such as dilutions and handling solid ingredients
  • Learn about accords and how to use them
  • Learn how to recreate a floral rose accord
  • How to formulate a simple creative accord
  • How to structure a formula
  • Create a brief
  • How to weigh a formula and rework it
  • How to apply your fragrance in candles and skincare
  • Learn the basics of perfume production
  • Learn the basics of legislation

And a lot more!

Meet Your Instructors

Emmanuelle Moeglin
Founder & Perfumer

Emmanuelle is the founder of Experimental Perfume Club and is a classically trained nose with over 12 years of experience working in the fragrance industry. After finishing her studies at ISIPCA, she worked for esteemed global fragrance brands around the world before opening EPC and starting her signature fragrance line Layers.

Tom Jansen

Tom has been passionate about fragrance as long as he can remember. As a classically trained perfumer and former student of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, he brings his love for perfumery to the EPC. After spending seven years as an entrepreneur in the candle industry, Tom relocated to London from Canada to join the EPC team.


Important notes about shipping:

We ship internationally (with the exception of a few countries). However, please note we are shipping perfume products which are flammable and therefore come with a high shipping fee.

Shipping in the UK and Europe is free. However, for shipment outside Europe, we’ll ask you to pay an additional nominal shipping fee of £50 to cover part of the shipping cost (costing between £100-£150 depending on the country).

We send all the materials to follow this course within two working days of your order. We ship your package with priority  shipping and require a signature so you can track your package with the number we have sent you. However, it does take time to prepare the materials and for international shipping it may take up to 2 weeks to arrive at your home (depending on the country). Please allow a minimum of one week to receive your ingredients and material.

Yes! The Creation Course comes with 4 boxes of ingredients and perfumery equipment which includes 500ml of perfume ingredients. The set contains a high enough quantity for you to work on your formulas several times.

If you are an experienced perfume maker and can show us you have a full library of ingredient at homes, please get in touch to discuss possible access to the digital content only.

This course will come to life with the ingredients and the equipment! You need to smell and learn with us as you watch the videos to truly learn. We do not recommend you start the course before receiving your ingredient boxes. Please note it can take between 1 and 2 weeks to receive your material at home.

Yes. The course is pre-recorded and you can start when you like once you have received your kit.

We say 6 weeks but it is more 6 modules. We release a new module each week so it leaves you the time needed to complete the lessons, train your nose and complete the exercises. It can take you twice as long to complete the course or even longer. But rest assured, you can go through it at your own rhythm!

We are working on it!

We ship to most countries but not all of them – enter your address at checkout to see whether we ship to your country. UK and Europe are free of charge. However, there are countries where we cannot ship perfume products to and therefore we regret that the course will not be available to you.

Perfume products fall under a category of products which are considered hazardous to ship by air and therefore come with an increased shipping cost (up to £150 shipping cost for international shipment outside Europe). We still want this course to be available to most and we therefore do ask for a nominal shipping fee of £50 for shipments outside Europe to cover part of this cost.

(Un)fortunately not!

Becoming a perfumer comes with a long training in a school or within a perfume house (at least a year), but mostly from practising! It’ll take you months or even years to hone and master the practise you have learnt during this course. A perfumer only becomes a perfumer when he/she has a few years of industry experience behind him/her. But do not despair. If becoming a perfumer is your goal in life, then there is no reasons why you cannot put the hours and dedication behind your passion and become one!

This course will be an excellent starting point for your journey into perfumery, whether it’s for a hobby or for professional purpose. But we cannot do the hard work for you 😉

We hope you’ll love the course so much that you will not want a refund! But if you do, unfortunately we regret to let you know our online courses are non-refundable!