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Your Journey Through Scent

Experience a unique fragrance workshop at London’s Experimental Perfume Club.

Ranging from one hour to full day experiences, come along to create your own scent.

You’re welcome to come back as many times as you want, there will always be something new to learn and explore.

Our Workshops:

Apprentice Workshop

The best introduction to perfume creation. This half-day group session puts you “in the nose” teaching you the basics of perfumery. Led by our perfumer, you’ll access a starter selection of perfumery ingredients.

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Expert Masterclass

A full day group masterclass, for those who want the complete experience. Access more ingredients, create two fragrances and learn more advanced perfumery skills with our perfumer.

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Open-Lab Session

Experiment at your own pace to create a set of fragrances with full access to our ingredients. For curious beginners or more experienced perfume makers, our perfumer is on hand for light guidance if required.

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Le Petit Parfum Workshop

Want to create your bespoke scent with limited time? Work with selected pre-made blends, find out your scent profile and make your own fragrance during a 1 hour one-to-one session with our perfumer.

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Bespoke Worskshop

For those who prefer private tuition, the 3 hour bespoke workshop offers full access to our ingredient library and an in-depth one-to-one consultation with our perfumer. Ideal for individuals or private groups.

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Take home

• Your newly awakened nose & new found perfume knowledge

• Your perfume-making workbook filled with fragrance facts and information

• A 12ml lab bottle of your own bespoke fragrance that you name on the day (with an option to re-order 50ml bottles)

• Your finished perfume formula

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Expert Knowledge

All our workshops are hosted by founder and professionally trained perfumer, Emmanuelle Moeglin.  You will learn to open your nose and create, name and make your very own signature scent receiving expert guidance along the way.

While the workshops are informal and fun, we are very serious about perfumery. Each workshop is a masterclass in understanding how to “speak” fragrance and learning the fundamentals of how to make perfume.

Leave with an enriched fragrant vocabulary, an understanding of how scents work together, and a better vision of your personal scent profile.

Experience a Perfume Lab Environment

Our perfumery workshops are held at the EPC Lab in East London. In a relaxed and intimate environment, you’ll be surrounded by all sorts of wonderful smells.

We limit the number of participants to 14 maximum so that everyone receives the attention they deserve and one-to-one time with the perfumer. We aim to provide visitors the perfect environment to experience fragrance as an art form and indulge their love of scents.

Industry Techniques & Ingredients

We use a selection of individual trade-grade perfumery ingredients, both natural and synthetic, sourced from leading and reputable fragrance manufacturers. You’ll use accurate measuring materials and scales, and follow easy-to-understand formulation techniques.

Note: blends, made by the EPC perfumer, are used for the Le Petit Parfum Workshop but individual perfumery ingredients are used for all other workshops.

Wear Your Scent for Years to Come

Your very own fragrance available nowhere else. You will create your own custom-made scent during each of our workshops and take home your 12ml Lab bottle.

We also want to give you the opportunity to wear it again and again; we keep your formula in our EPC Scent Library so that you can enjoy more 50ml bottles of your new favourite scent!

Since EPC started we’ve helped hundreds create their own scent. All unique and beautiful.


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