Spring Summer Edition Blends Set

4 x 10ml Eau de Parfum

or 3 equal interest free installments with

A Dusk to Dawn Olfactory Escape into the versatility of jasmine flower. Created to be an Eau de Parfum collection wearable  across the day, this Spring/Summer Edition Blends Set contains:

  • 1 x 10ml Jasmine Osmanthus – the hero scent, from which the other 3 scents are created.
  • 3 x 10ml Signature Blends: Tuberose Chai + Beige Santal + Amber Dusk.
  • An illustrated guide introducing each fragrance.


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Spring Summer Edition Blends Set

Hand-blended in our Lab
Vegan & Cruelty-free

The Fragrance Collection of Spring / Summer

Embark on an olfactory journey from dawn to dusk, guided by the evolving scent of jasmine as you wear our radiant and floral Jasmine Osmanthus in its different colours and feelings.

The Jasmine flower has such a unique fragrance; it can be sweet and fruity but can also have an animalistic edge that can be musky and I wanted to explore those facets in this set. The idea of the fragrance developing through the day was inspired by the harvesting of the flower, which is done in summer months with the flower picked at dawn to let its scent evolve throughout the day.

Emmanuelle Moeglin, EPC founder.

O1. The hero: Jasmine Osmanthus

Essential – Mid (mellow)

Capturing all the fond memories of summer holidays – this is a fragrance that heroes the ‘sunny’ solar facets of Jasmine Sambac – all suntans, warm nights and exotic flower bushes. Paired with Osmanthus, with its delicate apricot and tea notes, it becomes velvety. Tiare flowers and frangipani blossoms, radiant, creamy and coconut-laced, give the effect of sand-coated skin, warmed by the sun, on lazy beach days.

O2. To wear from dawn: Beige Santal


1 Part Bergamot Incense + 5 Parts Jasmine Osmanthus + 2 Parts Sandalwood Musk

Indulge with Beige Santal. As the first light of dawn gently breaks, the air is adorned with the delicate whispers of jasmine blossoms unfolding in the morning dew. A balanced blend of white jasmine, gardenia and tuberose, bursting open with a spritz of fresh citrus. The warmth of sandalwood envelops in this fragrance that is both creamy and vibrant.

O3. To wear during the daytime: Tuberose Chai


3 Parts Jasmine Osmanthus + 5 Parts Cardamom Moss

Feel Energized with Tuberose Chai. With the sun ascending in the sky, the fragrance of jasmine becomes more pronounced, reaching its crescendo during the late morning and early afternoon. A sunlit tuberose blooms in a revitalizing blend of cardamom, ginger, and turmeric—a vibrant and fragrant symphony of spices, the essence of chai. A lingering embrace follows, as creamy white moss and musk soften the senses.

O4. To wear from dusk: Amber Dusk 


1 Part Jasmine Osmanthus + 7 Parts Amber Iris

Captivate with Amber Dusk. As the day becomes night, the jasmine fragrance takes on a more complex and mysterious character. The warmth of the sun enhances the richness of the floral notes, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance. The garden, now fully alive with the intoxicating aroma, becomes a sanctuary of sensory indulgence. Capturing the essence of a tranquil twilight, this graceful dance between warm amber and delicate jasmine, creates a harmonious blend that is both comforting and captivating. The calming amber notes unfold softly, while the creamy jasmine adds a radiant elegance.