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Free miniclass


Join us on this 3-part video miniclass and get started in perfumery! We’ll take you through:

  • How to smell, describe and memorise a perfume ingredient
  • How to begin in perfume creation and get blending at home
  • The most common questions of perfumery

What you'll learn

Where to begin in perfumery with ingredients including how to describe them and understand the components of ingredients.

Where to get started with perfume creation and the basic equipment you need to start creating at home.

We’ll talk you through some of the most frequently asked questions about perfumes. Learn the difference between Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum. Learn about molecules and how they are used and why fragrance changes on skin.

Meet your Instructors

Emmanuelle Moeglin
Founder & Perfumer

Emmanuelle is the founder of Experimental Perfume Club and is a classically trained nose with over 12 years of experience working in the fragrance industry. After finishing her studies at ISIPCA, she worked for esteemed global fragrance brands around the world before opening EPC and starting her signature fragrance line Layers.

Tom Jansen

Tom has been passionate about fragrance as long as he can remember. As a classically trained perfumer and former student of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, he brings his love for perfumery to the EPC. After spending seven years as an entrepreneur in the candle industry, Tom relocated to London from Canada to join the EPC team.