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What Are Top, Middle and Base Notes in Perfume?

You may have heard of these terms before, but what do they mean – we’re here to explain!

Top, middle and base notes are three groups of notes that complete a formula to give balance to a fragrance.

Top Notes

The fresh invitation into your fragrance

Top notes are largely composed from citrus ingredients, but this isn’t always the case!

They are immediately recognisable and are often described as ‘sharp’ or ‘fresh’. They give you your first impression of a fragrance, and set the stage for the mid notes to shine through.

The most volatile of the three notes, containing small and light molecules that evaporate the quickest – this means their scent is short lived. Ingredients in this group are the strongest for the first minute or so, and will start to disappear after 5 – 30 minutes.

Layers\01 – Bergamot / Incense

Citrus and exotic spices are brought together in this bright fragrance with Eastern influence.

With bergamot oil, juniper berry oil, incense oil, olibanum resinoid, tea notes and iris resinoid.

Mid Notes

Guiding the scent from top to bottom

Mid notes are often called ‘heart’ notes, because they form the heart of a fragrance. They are considered ‘mellow’ and ‘balancing’ to form the main signature to a scent.

A wide variety of ingredients belong to this group, most of which are floral, but you’ll also find green, spicy and fruity just to name a few!

The smell of mid notes usually starts to appear from 20 minutes to 1 hour and will can last for up to 3 hours. They are the most complex and great for masking what can be the initial unpleasant smell of base notes (which of course become more pleasant with time!)

Layers\01 – Jasmine / Osmanthus

A tribute to white flowers warmed up by a hot sand effect.

With jasmine Sambac absolute, osmanthus absolute, frangipani flowers and mineral notes.

Base Notes

Lingering depth and warmth

Base notes are the least volatile comprised of large and heavy that evaporate the slowest. This means they last the longest of all the notes.

Their true scent can take an hour or more to come through, but then can go on to last for days. These are the scents we smell on our clothes and other fabrics. They want to make us snuggle up to whatever or who ever is wearing them!

Predominately compromised of woody, balsamic and musky notes, but this isn’t an exhaustive list. They are perfect for giving the lighter top and mid notes a boost!

Layers\01 – Sandalwood / Musk


A mineral sandalwood met with leather and musks.


With pink peppercorn, sandalwood oil India, leather suede, vetiver and ambroxan.


Top, Mid and Base Layers

The perfect trio

Each fragrance is completely rounded to be a stand alone perfume but blend them together and you can create a truly unique scent! Unlike the notes themselves, these perfumes will last just as long as one another!

Our new Layers\01 collection consists of three Eau de Parfum fragrances: Top Layer, Mid Layer, Base Layer.

Each fragrance has been designed for you to wear on it’s own, or to be blended together with the other fragrances from the collections.

Art and Science in one bottle

Each fragrance is a complex formula containing ingredients from all three notes. There are 2 star ingredients in every bottle that give its Top, Mid or Base status!

Layer Up.

Wear Alone.

Blend Together.

Create Your Bespoke Fragrance.

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