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A collection of niche fragrances
to blend together or wear alone.

“A space to learn, explore and practice the art of perfumery” *Wallpaper

We are an open-access Perfume House specialising in bespoke perfume creation in the heart of London.

We educate, inspire and create all things fragrance. 

We specialise in bespoke perfumery and host unique scent experiences. 

In a nutshell, we make perfumes and show you what’s inside.

What we do

Workshops & Open-Lab

Discover the world of scent, before creating a unique fragrance from a variety of perfumery ingredients. Our guided workshops are led by our head perfumer who takes you on a step by step hands-on session. From our expert-led group workshops and one-to-one sessions, to the unguided settings of our open-lab, it’s all about awakening your inner nose. 

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Layers Collections

Create your own unique scent with Layers, our award-winning collections of niche fragrances created by our in-house perfumer and designed to be worn alone or blended together.

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Online Perfume Courses

Join one of our online perfumery courses and start creating fragrances at home. Perfect whether you are looking to learn perfumery as a hobby or for profesional purposes.

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Layers by Experimental Perfume Club

Explore our award-winning collections of fine fragrances created to wear alone or blend together.

 Create your own bespoke fragrance with Layers.

What people say about our workshops

In the press!

“The Rise of Bespoke Beauty. Personalised beauty products for all? We’re making progress”

“Demystifying the focus at Experimental Perfume Club, an open-access London, England perfume creation studio”

“Discover the perfect perfume for your wedding day with these bespoke services for brides” 

“It’s a perfect way for perfume lovers to nurture their inner alchemist” 

A better way to find ‘the one’ is with a perfume workshop, or consultation at The Experimental Perfume Club”

“A day spent at the Experimental Perfume Club offers a rare glimpse into the world of fragrance; you’ll leave understanding the olfactory world and even your own tastes a little better.”

“I’m converted. I won’t be giving up Chanel altogether but this is a suitably me; a welcome addition to my beauty cupboard. The entire unique olfactory experience is also very fun and instructional.”

Learn about perfumery

Read our perfume articles, stories and have a look behind the scenes of perfume creation in our fragrance blog.

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