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Deep Dive into Perfumery at the EPC Academy

We demystify the art of perfumery, sharing our knowledge so you can experience the joy of creating and wearing your very own unique scents.

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For perfume enthusiasts who want to study perfumery at their own pace from home

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The EPC Experience

Emmanuelle Moeglin Founder
Academically rebellious

We want to make the world of perfume more accessible, so we teach, train and share everything we know!

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Passionately humanists

We make our perfumes with sustainability in mind. We minimise plastic and packaging, and our innovative refill station allows each full size bottle to be refilled at a discounted price.

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Contagiously creative

By lifting the veil on an art form often shrouded in secrecy, we aim to inspire individuals to become more creative and confident with scent. We believe everyone should experience designing their own personal perfume.

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