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Our collection of fine fragrances
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Our passion is helping you to experience the joy of perfume creation.

By lifting the veil on an art form that’s often shrouded in secrecy, we educate, inspire and help you create fragrances so unique,

 you’ll never smell the same again.

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Perfume Workshops

Our popular perfume-making workshops have been highly rated as one of London’s best creative activities.

Online Courses For All Levels

Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced perfume maker, join one of our acclaimed online video courses.

Fragrance Collection To Blend Together

Discover Layers, our award-winning collection of niche fragrances to wear alone or blend together.

“A space to learn, explore and practise the art of perfumery. The perfect way for perfume lovers to nurture their inner alchemist” 

“This special fragrance house focuses on bespoke scents. Not only does it hold workshops to help people explore and play with ingredients, it also sells its rare perfumes in sets, so you can mix and match to create something tailored to you.”

“I’m converted. This is a suitable me, a welcome addition to my beauty cupboard. The entire unique olfactory experience is also very fun and instructional.”

“Can’t bear the thought of wearing the same scent as any of your friends or coworkers? Never fear, truly unique fragrances are finally here.”

“Buying perfume for someone else is a risky game, so why not gift them the chance to create their own at the Experimental Perfume Club?”

A purely personal luxury perfume made from scratch just for you. Until recently, that would have cost thousands. Tens of thousands, even. The Experimental Perfume Club’s founder and perfumer Emmanuelle Moeglin will help you create your own fragrance for a fraction of that!”

We make perfumes and show you what's inside

Emmanuelle Moeglin is a classically trained perfumer who moved from France to the UK to start EPC in 2016.

How To Get Into Perfumery From Home

How To Get Into Perfumery From Home Perfumery is known to be quite a closed world and it can be 

We love making the world of perfume more accessible! So we write articles and stories to give you a peak behind the scenes.

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