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Eco-conscious fragrances

Being eco-conscious has always been at the heart of what we do. We don’t like unnecessary packing or waste and we do our best to source our ingredients and manufacture responsibly and locally. That’s why we keep the use of plastic in our products to a bare minimum and don’t cello wrap our boxes.

Our long-term goal is to reduce production significantly and enable consumers to reuse their packaging again and again. That’s why we offer our sustainable refill service allowing our customers to refill their fragrance again and again, and we are even rewarding them to do so!

We manufacturer locally, in our London-Lab, which enables us to practise mindful consumption and produce only what we sell!

We also create vegan and cruelty-free fragrances, certified by Peta.

We offset our carbon emissions using Ecologi’s sustainable projects and are proudly carbon-positive!

Perfume refills

Crafted by us from start to finish

We’re  a perfume house and laboratory which means that our founder-perfumer creates all our fragrances in-house. All the way from the idea to the bottle!

We hand-pick the finest ingredients from all over the world. As an independent house, we are lucky to not be restricted by commercial guidelines, which means we can use rare and precious ingredients! All our formulas are vegan-friendly and we do not test our fragrances on animals.

We take as long as we need to ensure the best quality juice is put into each and every bottle. We believe that slow perfumery is what our craft is about. Everything from creation to maceration and filtration happens over months between our London creative studio and manufacturing site in Grasse. We then add the finishing touches by hand in our Lab in London before sending them over to you!

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