An Ode To Iris In Our Top Signature Blends For Autumn

Iris has long been associated with regality and opulence: it is an incredibly precious and expensive ingredient in perfumery, as well as boasting such bold and brightly-coloured frilled petals. It’s not hard to realise its cultural reverence and significance throughout history, and why it is so coveted in the world of perfumery.

Let’s talk about this precious perfumery extract and where to find it in three of our Signature Blends – to wear on a a crisp woodland walk, during a city getaway, or have it accompany you throughout a long velvety evening.

Why is Iris so special?

Iris is a beautiful flower with origins in Italy and Morocco, but only one species is used in fragrance – Iris Pallida. The flower itself actually carries little scent, it is the roots – ‘orris’ – that are full of fragrance.

The scent of orris roots improves and strengthens with age, so once the flowers have been picked, they are often left to dry for up to six years! During the drying process the roots naturally develop a soft and clean smell that is amplified once they are ground into a powder.

The roots are then distilled and a wax-like substance is left, known as orris butter. The butter is further processed to finally obtain iris absolute. A warm, woody, suede-like scent where undertones of chocolate and vanilla can be noted alongside the powdery, violet aroma.

The powdery, comfortable and opulent iris is a deep floral powdery note you’ll be wanting to wear all autumn long.

Our top Signature Blends with Orris to wear this autumn

Iris Carmin 

Our limited-edition Signature Blend for this Autumn is Iris Carmin. Inspired by the spectacular colours of tree leaves during the autumn season, this fragrance blends green and natural leafy notes with earthy tones of iris and vetiver roots, on a warm golden dry down of amber and patchouli. 

Iris Carmin blends two of our Essential fragrances, Fig Neroli with Amber Iris, to create a vibrant combination, embracing all that nature has to offer us at this time of year.

Amber Dusk

Inspired by dusk, the twilight hour and that magical violet night-time sky.

Amber Dusk echoes a purple-tinged sky with a radiant floral pairing of iris and jasmine, which is softly grounded with warm, addictive amber and patchouli. This Signature Blend showcases our addictive Amber Iris, with a hint of Jasmine Osmanthus, adding soft floral notes.

Whatever you get up to at dusk, let this powdery iris scent join you.

Poudre Opale


An unexpected blend of two extremes: fig leaf from our Fig Neroli gives a sunny greenness, whilst Amber Iris provides notes of amber and vanilla to bring a smooth warmth — that feeling of being in a garden, wrapped under a cosy blanket. 

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