Why is Ambroxan the perfect winter smell?

Looking for a new scent to beat that post Christmas-blues? Look no more, we have selected for you the perfect wintery perfume ingredient: Ambroxan.

Our top Signature Blends for this winter all feature the superstar ingredient Ambroxan. In this post, we tell you why Ambroxan is the perfect ingredient for a comforting winter feel, and the versatile ways it is used in perfumes!

What is Ambroxan, and why we love it?

Ambroxan is a naturally-occurring component of the ingredient ambergris (an extremely rare and expensive raw material), said to have a universally-appealing scent. It is extracted through a process originated from clary sage to produce a crystal powder. Ambroxan not only smells incredible, but is also much easier to find than Ambergris! Ambergris is no longer used in commercial perfumery and this is where Ambroxan has become so important to modern perfumers.


What does it smell like?

The scent is utterly addictive. It is velvety, woody and ambery, with animalic, creamy and mineral facets. Its used as a base note in perfumes, employed to ‘ground’ scents and provide an excellent longevity to a fragrance. Ambroxan can be hard to smell on its own, but if you manage to get a whiff of it, it’s hard not to smile when smelling the magical molecule for the first time (or any subsequent time either!)

Ambroxan is an ingredient with incredible versatility because it is very facetted while not being overpowering.

In our Essential Amber Iris, we used it to illuminates the vanilla, iris and patchouli, producing a deep and sweet oriental scent that lasts for days!

In our Essential Sandalwood Musk, it mimics the effect of hot sand and stone, or a well-loved leather jacket, sitting close to the skin and providing all-day-long comfort.

Here we share three of our favourite Signature Blends that contains Ambroxan, allowing you to wear this enticing ingredient in completely different ways all through the winter.

Knock on Wood

This winter, we’re knocking on wood, looking ahead to a fantastic 2022 smelling our absolute best! Knock on Wood is our Ephemeral-Edition Signature Blend for Winter 2021, inspired by the cold and still winter air on a hazy morning. This deep woody blend of sandalwood, cedarwood and amberwoods is contrasted with a touch of greenness swinging through smoky, leathery undertones.

Blending the green basil and fig leaves from our Essential Fig Neroli, it adds a brightness to the the punky, leathery woods offered in our Essential Sandalwood Musk, all the while being enveloped by the smooth, muted and comforting Ambroxan.

Ambre Épices

One of our most popular Signature Blends, soft and luxurious amber is paired with the dry, spicy scent of frankincense, making it a quintessentially winter fragrance.

Blending our Essential Bergamot Incense for its dry citrusy opening, which echoes a crisp winter morning, follows the deep, powdery and dark resinous scent from our Essential Amber Iris.

Encapsulating the juxtaposition of fresh spicy and dark amber, this Signature Blend will be a comforting scent from your winter mornings through to your winter nights.

Santal Nuit

A forest illuminated; a cityscape lit up. Santal Nuit is another Signature Blend favourite!

Blending our Essential Sandalwood Musk‘s leathery, mineral wood scent with vibrancy and light, brought about by the zesty citrus in our Essential Bergamot Incense.

Give it a try for a cool, woody and lightly spiced scent to make you feel comforted and invigorated.

Explore Amber Iris and Sandalwood Musk, and find your perfect Signature Blend

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