Our Top Three Signature Blends for Summer

The days are warmer, the nights are longer. Summertime is well and truly here, and it brings with it an abundance of gorgeous scents. In this post, we talk you through our top-picks for summer from our Signature Blends collection.

The Scents Of Summertime

There is something so special and uplifting about the summertime: we make new memories, remember summers gone by, and enjoy all the wonderful things nature has to offer.

Our Signature Blends for Summer 2021 are powered by the natural world, in all its wonderful versatility. From soft and sweet florals, to vibrant green scents and tart, sparkling fragrances, we’ve got you covered for every summer occasion.

For those always travelling with a spray in their pocket, whether on staycation in your beautiful garden in bloom or right on the beach, we have shortlisted for you three of the most summery fragrances from our collection of Signature Blends.

Jasmine Sour

Our new limited-edition summer blend 2021 is perfect to accompany your favourite sour cocktails! Sweet yet tart, intriguing yet refreshing. Inspired by the smell of sun-kissed skin, sun tanned lotion and cocktails on the beach, this new Signature Blend will transport you under the palm trees.

Jasmine Sour blends our Essential Jasmine Osmanthus with Bergamot Incense in this zingy and delicate cocktail of creamy white flowers – jasmine, osmanthus and frangipani with a touch of coconut – coming together with the sharpness of citrus and spices – lemon, bergamot and juniper berries.

Raise your glass to a summer full of sun, socialising and scent!



Electric Fig

Picture a garden in bloom. There is a carpet of vibrant, green grass and pink rose bushes dotted about the scene. The air is fresh and bright, and all the colours and sounds feel heightened and enticing.

Electric Fig is this garden in a bottle, blending our Essential Fig Neroli and Rose Rhubarb, bringing together the vegetal greenness of fig and basil leaves is juxtaposed with effervescent rhubarb; the sharp petitgrain is softened by the neroli and rose.

It is a medley of nature’s finest offerings, and a total mood-enhancer for your summer days.

Bergamot Blush

Think of those easy-going, lazy days spent on a beach, lying on soft sand with the sun gently warming your skin…

Bergamot Blush is a well-rounded, balanced and easy-to-wear fragrance for the summertime. Blending together three Essential: Bergamot Incense, Jasmine Osmanthus and Amber Iris, it harmonises the exotically-sweet, creamy jasmine and osmanthus with the light spice of frankincense and invigorating freshness of bergamot. It will transport you to a tropical island, somewhere serene and far away.

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