Ingredients & Formulae - Experimental Perfume Club

An independent Perfume House in London

We are a house of ‘Parfumeurs-CrĂ©ateurs’. This means we create and produce all our fragrances in-house. This way, we know exactly what’s in our formulas and so do you!

Our ingredients are sourced from the best producers around the world and are carefully selected by our founder-perfumer.

We love to make and show you our craft as well as what goes inside your fragrance. We put most our love and attention into the quality of our juices (the formulas) and we invite you to watch how they are made with care, everyday.

Perfumer London Experimental Perfume Club

Ingredients are our inspiration

We get our inspiration from the beautiful complexity of both natural and molecule ingredients available in the perfumer’s organ. 

Our fragrances are carefully created through a thoughtful and long creative process, where each of them can go through hundreds of trials before finding the perfect balance.

All our fragrances are created by our perfumer Emmanuelle in our laboratory in East London and are then produced in Grasse in south of France.