Redefining masculinity in perfumery

Roses are red, violets are blue, but they aren’t for her… they’re for you. Since modern-day perfumery entered the commercial world, we’ve been taught perfumes come in two categories: male or female.

But labelling one scent male and another female has become increasingly unnecessary. After all, scents are personal, and a fragrance that may seem too feminine for one person might be just right for another. Unlike the mainstream market, niche perfumery has readily embraced this tidal change and often creates perfumes under a unisex label for a couple of decades. EPC is happily a part of that change, and over the years, we’ve curated some label-busting scents.

However, even within niche perfumery, some ingredients still carry gender-specific associations. For example, soft floral notes are typically found in female perfumes, whereas heavy woods are more common in male fragrances. Rose is perhaps one of the most synonymous notes used in female perfumes. Although, it doesn’t have to be. After all, there’s nothing distinctly feminine about the thorny flower. Its softness and subtlety shouldn’t mean it’s less masculine than sandalwood or leather.


Jasmine is another great example of a flower that has traditionally been labelled as female but its spicy, deep animalic facet make it perfectly suited to masculine taste too.


Ultimately, labelling an ingredient as male or female is a mistaken route.

Back to the men… Since the rose is perhaps the most feminised fragrance ingredient, let’s begin there. We’ve worked hard to create some myth-busting fragrances that are as traditionally masculine as the rose is feminine. Creating perfumes like this requires a fine balance of ingredients.


The first of our stereotype-splitting scents is our rose-themed scent Rose Charcoal. It’s a sensual blend of decadent rose and animalistic leather. This combination provides a sense of masculinity through an intense base of leather, sandalwood and musk. The depth of these notes allows the softness of the rose to shine through without becoming the dominant feature.

Jasmine is another scent traditionally associated with female perfumes. But that doesn’t have to be the reality either.


In our blend, Red Hot Wood, it’s used alongside osmanthus, bergamot and incense to add colour to a deep base of sandalwood and musk. Like Rose Charcoal, Red Hot Wood combines traditional female and traditionally male notes to make an irresistible unisex perfume.

But why limit yourselves to one scent when you can explore the art of fragrance layering with your partner? Embrace a new level of personalisation by incorporating “his” and “hers” scents to create a harmonious blend that captures the essence of your unique connection.


Combine the floral elegance of Jasmine Osmanthus with the captivating warmth of Sandalwood Musk to find a fragrance that encapsulates the depth and complexity of your love story. Discover the endless possibilities and redefine your scent journey together by trying out our Essential Collection Discovery Set.


Explore your taste and redefine them with these and more at EPC.

Rose Charcoal

A sensual blend of decadent rose with animalic and addictive leather notes. A rich and intense fragrance full of anticipated excitement.

Red Hot Wood

Inspired by the heat of spices, sandalwood is freshness up with a sunny touch of bergamot and jasmine. Tingly and peculiar.

Discovery Set Essential

Discover all nine of our Essential Eau de Parfums. Our unisex fragrances are designed to be worn alone or to be blended together to create your own signature scent.


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