We are nuts about nutty scents

When we talk gourmand notes in perfumery, we often think about caramel and vanilla but what about sweet notes that are not so excessively sweet. With woody and spicy undertones, let us introduce you to some delightful nutty scents.

Three nutty notes that will give you salivating reactions:

Tonka bean is a popular ingredient in gourmand fragrances and is known for its warm and spicy scent. Tonka bean fragrances typically contain notes of vanilla, caramel and almond. They offer a unique and complex scent that is perfect for those who enjoy a sophisticated gourmand.

Pistachio is having its moment for those who love the small green nut. Pistachio cream fragrances typically contain notes of creamy vanilla, almond and of course, pistachio.

Hazelnuts are another popular nut in gourmands. Fire-roasted hazelnuts, vanilla and caramel offer a warm and sweet scent, typically perfect for the fall or winter months.

Ingredient Highlight: Sesame Absolute

Tonka Sesame might be the nutty scent you never knew you liked. Sesame is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine, and offers a unique and exotic scent. Sesame-based fragrances typically feature notes of roasted sesame and honey. 


Tonka Sesame contains a wonderful ingredient – Sesame Absolute by LMR, which just smells like the sesame seeds you know. Only a trace in the formula has a powerful impact.


Our Tonka Sesame is a unique blend of tonka bean, sesame and hazelnut, resulting in a warm and nutty scent that is both comforting and sophisticated. Tonka Sesame is part of the Essential collection, which allows you to blend different fragrances to create a completely new unique scent. 


Tonka Extraordinaire is born from pairing two Essentials, Tonka Sesame with Amber Iris, creating a deeper, warmer,  fire-roasted quality. It’s a perfect pairing bringing together its original nutty facets with a warm ambery and tobacco drydown. 


Tonka Extraordinaire has been shortlisted for UK Fragrance Foundation’s Extraordinaire Category, a category that recognises independent perfumes for their extraordinary olfactive creations. 


Tonka Sesame

An utterly delectable combination of gourmand notes and woods; fused in perfect harmony. Hazlenuts, almonds and vanilla-tinged-tonka beans all swirl around a rich sesame. Heliotrope bolsters the almond and hints of vanilla, whilst earthy patchouli and woody Cedar ground the fragrance. A toasty scent that smells good enough to eat.

Tonka Extraordinaire

CREATED BLENDING TWO ESSENTIAL TONKA SESAME & AMBER IRIS. That snug feeling, as the days start to get colder, there is a crispness in the air and the scent of honeyed nuts roasting fills the streets. The need for warmth as the light closes in. Sesame, almond and green hazelnut sink into cushions of vanilla, sweet Frankincense, ambery Myrrh and luxurious labdanum. Chocolatey, earthy, patchouli enhances roasted tonka beans.


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