Fit For a King

You don’t need a birthright to feel like royalty. What about the right perfume? But what fragrance notes make up a perfume fit for a king or a queen?

Fragrances this special should ooze sophistication and elegance without losing that all-important dose of refinement.

Before we get into the do’s and don’ts, let’s take inspiration from some of the world’s most recognisable rulers.


King Charle’s ancestor, Queen Victoria, has a love affair with floral scents. Notes of rose, violet, and jasmine were her favourites. She was also known to wear a heady bouquet of roses, musks, ambergris and bergamot called Fleurs de Bulgarie by Creed, which was then granted the coveted royal warrant.


Known as the “Sun King,” King Louis XIV was seriously passionate about perfume. Terrified and disgusted at the prospect of disease spreading water, he spent days filling Versailles with scented flowers and perfumes. Floral and citrus notes were often used by his perfumer to create new fragrances.


The beautiful Austro-Hungarian Empress Sisi loved a pampering session as much as her people loved her. Aside from her honey-strawberry face masks and baths in warm olive oil, Princess Sisi sprayed her hair with Bulgarian rose and Florentine Iris extracts.


Like any good ruler, you need strong foundations to build upon. Stick with classic notes like sandalwood, cedarwood, bergamot and moss  to provide the base notes. These are also popular choices for masculine style perfumes for a reason; they add both strength and depth.


To build a fragrance worthy of the crown, we need some nuance in the middle and top notes. Ingredients like rose, jasmine, iris, patchouli, and lavender are all suitable candidates. Rose and jasmine, in particular, are associated with luxury and opulence, while iris and other white flowers add a powdery sophistication. Patchouli and musk are used much like sandalwood and cedar wood, to provide a rich, deep base that lasts throughout the day.


But as with any of us, the combinations depend on the head wearing the crown.


A royal perfume should reflect your personality and style. Whether you rule with an iron fist or a heart of gold, there’s a scent out there for you. While you can use some common ingredients to guide your scent, it’s imperative to choose a blend that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

EPC’s collection of blendable and bespoke perfumes allows you to create something truly unique.


We designed our limited edition Signature Blend Smell Like A King as a subtly powerful combination of two of our Essentials – Cedarwood Absinth and Cardamom Moss. Blended, they create a rich and spicy fragrance that evokes all the sophistication and elegance of royalty.


Or take inspiration from the Spring coronation and add a floral kiss to a deep base. Experiment with Thé Osmanthe, a gardenia fragrance and the green woodiness of Knock on Wood.


Your royal fragrance should evoke stately sophistication and regal refinement. But it should also give you a dose of cockney confidence. So whether you’re a king, queen or court jester, take some time to experiment and find your perfect blend.


Smell Like A King

CREATED BLENDING TWO ESSENTIAL CARDAMOM MOSS & CEDARWOOD ABSINTH. This limited edition Blend is a rich leathery fragrance, that is unashamedly powerful and sultry scent. Think Gentlemans club – cigars, whiskey, absinthe and old chesterfields.

Cardamom Moss Experimental Perfume Club (EPC)
Cardamom Moss

A swirl of spices wrapped in salty waves of mineral mosses and Ambroxan. A scent of dualities, Cardamom Moss pairs cool and warm spices with mineral mosses.

Cedarwood Absinth

A rich leathery fragrance unashamedly herbaceous, sultry and powerful. A rich leathery fragrance that begins unashamedly herbaceous and woody, before softening to an incredibly sultry scent.


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