The best scents for spring

Spring is a season of change. It’s a time between sunny beaches and cosy cottages. And with that in mind, our fragrances should be a tweener too. 

It’s this time of year that blended and bespoke scents come into their own because, without them, we would all be hunting for a handful of perfumes to change between the rainy and sunny days. But there is no need to open all those tabs on your laptop. All you need is creating your own scent with EPC. Let us show you how…

Spring Scent 101

When blending or creating bespoke perfumes, we should keep a few rules of the season in mind. Firstly, let’s face it, it’s not summer yet. So however you like your scent, ensure you keep a base of heavier, wintery notes. This rich foundation will ensure sensuality and provide a contrast to whatever lighter notes you prefer. 

When it comes to the heart and top notes, it’s really a matter of preference. Some of us love the sparkle of citrus, and nothing but bergamot will do. On the other hand, there are a lot of floral lovers out there who have waited all winter for spring to blossom.

Play with different depth of scents

Floral scents typically linger on your skin longer, even when they appear subtle. Whereas citrusy notes – which will bite at the beginning – usually develop quicker. 

If you’re a blender, why not combine our TOP range of Essentials (yellow) with the deep BASE of Essentials (blue)? These two are the ideal match and complement each other like nothing else.

A great way to do this is to blend our Essential Bergamot Incense with any of our Base Essential eau de parfum.

Velvet Incense is one of our recommendations. Its mixture of powdery iris and rich ambroxan playfully complement the crisp snap of bergamot. 

If you’re a bespoke creator, why not experimenting with something really unique? 

We recommend Bergamot Noir and Cèdre Blond. These two scents are both born from blending a Top Essential and a Base Essential, offering a rich warmth with an inviting fresh opening. They’re ideal for those spring days that can’t make up their minds. 

Bergamot Noir

BLENDED WITH SANDALWOOD MUSK. This blend is a fresh pairing made from the crisp bit of bergamot and the depth of incense found in Bergamot Incense. Sandalwood Musk provide a luxuriously soft base.

Cèdre Blond

BLENDED WITH CEDARWOOD ABSINTH. This combination marries the zinginess of the much-loved Bergamot Incense with the softer woody and tobacco notes of cedarwood and the spiciness of absinth.

Velvet incense

BLENDED WITH AMBER IRIS. Sparkling bergamot mixes with smoky and smooth incense while a powdery orris and rich ambroxan add to the softness. A highly addictive scent that always surprises.


The Floral Faithful

Light and fresh perfumes are easy to wear all day long; it’s why we love them so much. But sometimes spring throws up a cold, rainy day, and that subtlety we love is lost. So, why not combine your favourite natural notes with something dark and intimate? 

We recommend 1950 and Tuberose Chai from our bespoke range. These two fragrances will bring all your floral dreams blossoming to life, even on those rainy days. 


Inspired by the decade it’s named after, this blend combines a classic bit of bergamot with the soft and jammy pair of Moroccan rose absolute and rhubarb. A base of sandalwood and musk elevates and balances the sweeter top notes and adds to its sensuality.

Tuberose Chai

This blend highlights the sunny tuberose in its top notes, with a revitalising blend of cardamom, ginger and turmeric at its heart. A creamy base of white moss and musk softens the sharp edges, providing beautiful balance.


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