Fundamentals Of Perfume Creation Course: Final Chapter 3

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Fundamentals Perfume Creation Course: Final Chapter 3

Welcome back noses!

I’m so pleased to see you here in the last part of the programme where we will bring everything we have learnt so far together.

You can confidently take everything you have learnt and all the skills you’ve developed, into the exercises we are going to do together in this final chapter.

These final modules are the most advanced, the most detailed, and will show off your perfumery talents in so many wonderful ways!

In the following modules, we’re going to investigate creative accords, how to find balance and rework fragrance formulas like a perfumer, and how to evolve your formula like pros, not to mention discovering a whole load of new perfumery ingredients! We will continue to compare similar ingredients to memorise their differences.

We’ll also learn 10 creative accords as well as giving you tips on how to be more efficient and effective with your blending, weighing and formulating processes. We’ll formulate using pure ingredients and show you how to apply your concentrate oils in various strengths and carriers so that you can adapt your creations in any ways you like.

Finally, we’ll learn to create the two final structures that we haven’t learned yet creating a woody and oriental fragrance.

We’ll finish in talking you through information regarding fragrance restrictions and legislation and what you need to check before commercializing a perfume,

  • Learn how to find balance with comparative formulation technique
  • Learn 21 new ingredients (for a grand total of 85 ingredients)
  • Compare similar ingredients to memorize their difference
  • Learn how to select ingredients to create accords
  • Learn 10 creative accords spanning across a wide range of families (green, fruity, aqueous, woody, leathery, ambery etc…)
  • Learn rapid weighing techniques and how to use shortcuts in formulation
  • Learn how to evolve your formula
  • Learn to formulate using ingredients in pure
  • Learn to use your formula in various applications
  • Learn to formulate a complex woody and oriental fragrance and integrate accords within your formulations
  • Learn more about perfume legislation (ie: Cosmetic regulations, IFRA, INCI list)

I hope you’re excited to continue your studies, and thank you for being part of the EPC academy.


(Download and read the instructions on how to login and navigate through the course.)

  • Ingredients Box including 21 pre-diluted ingredients *12ml + 6 Ingredients *3g pure or at 10% DPG (for using in pure concentrate)
  • Equipment box including 14 empty vials + 2 spray vials
  • Laboratory pack including pipettes and scent strips
  • Downloadable Workbook: Chapter 3 Perfume Creation Workbook
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