Fundamentals Perfume Creation Course: Chapter 2

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Fundamentals Perfume Creation Course: Chapter 2

Welcome back noses! I’m so excited you’ve decided to join the second part of our Creation Course. This means that you are ready and dedicated to take the next step into perfumery! If you are here, I can only imagine that you’ve done the ground work and loved it! 

Over the next 3 weeks, we’ll dive a step further into perfume creation, deepen your knowledge and going into much more detail.

We’ll start by studying the different families of fragrances and then deepening your olfactory study in a more detailed manner. We’ll also smell the ingredients by group and sub-division of families so that you can start understanding the similarities and nuances within a single family.  

In the next modules, we’ll explore the floral family, and more specifically, white flowers. You’ve already learnt how to create a rose accord, now, you’ll learn how to compose a jasmine, tuberose and ylang ylang accord. We’ll then put it all together and create a complex floral fragrance.

You are in for a treat! The floral family is the largest family of ingredients and perfumes and it’s therefore, one of the most important families to know and learn about.

Before starting the next 3 weeks, I’d recommend you do a quick refresher of the first 6 weeks and more importantly, to make sure you know all your ingredients.


(Download and read the instructions on how to login and navigate through the course.)

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