What Does Pink Peppercorn Smell Like?

Dazzling, sharp and powdery all at once with hints of worse and woodiness. This fiery ingredients adds a familiar warmth and welcome freshness.

Sharp and Spicy


Also known as baies roses, pink peppercorns are a pink-coloured berry of the Schinus molle shrub or Peruvian Peppertree. It is actually unrelated to the Southeast Asian black peppercorn that we’re all accustomed to.

It has a sharp, peppery spicy scent with rosy overtones. These qualities make it a mainstay in a lot of dark, woody fragrances. A cheerful perfumery note, it adds a soft piquancy to fragrances by allowing floral and woody notes to shine through in a clearer way. It is in fact quite different to black pepper, which adds a nose-tingling spiciness wherever its used.

Pink Peppercorn In Perfumery


Pink peppercorn is a popular ingredient in ‘feminine’ fragrances as it marries very well with rosy notes. However, it also works wonders with deeper sensual notes of wood and leather by bringing a certain kind of fieriness to the fragrance.

We have used pink peppercorn in our Sandalwood/Musk eau de parfum. It gives a fresh spicy feel and a sparkling effervescent element to the otherwise very deep and warm woody scent. It was an essential addition when creating this formula as it adds an uplifting hook.

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